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13 Things About Exercise Bike You May Not Have Known

Nowadays, many people choose to step on the exercise bike to keep fit. But do you really understand the exercise bike? There are 13 things about exercise bike you may not have known.


Choose an exercise bike with the right flywheel weight


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There is no need for a heavy flywheel. The function of the flywheel is to create pedaling momentum. If you're looking for an exercise bike that can provide you a smooth ride, you can choose an exercise bike with a 35lbs flywheel, such as our best-selling YOSUDA Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike YB001. If you're looking for an exercise bike that can mimics the feeling of riding a road bike, you can choose a 40Lbs flywheel such as YOSUDA Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike YB007A. Riding a 40lbs flywheel is closer to the cycling experience.


Adjust your exercise bike to the perfect fit

exercise bike posture

Unlike regular cycling, riding an exercise bike needs to consider whether the movement is smooth and whether the posture is standard. Therefore, you must adjust your exercise bike before riding. Learn more about HOW TO SET UP AN INDOOR EXERCISE BIKE.

Do warm-up activities before riding

As with all fitness, preparation for riding an exercise bike is also essential. If you do not do warm-up activities, it is easy to cause muscle strains, joint sprains and other sports injuries, which are more common in the cold winter. In addition, the heart will not be able to adapt to higher-intensity exercises at once and will experience physical discomforts such as pulse and dizziness. The method of warming up is not complicated. Simply put, do some stretching to allow the muscles to adapt; walk for another three to five minutes to allow the heart and lungs to adapt.

The direction of the sole and the position of the force

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In riding an exercise bike, you should pay attention to using the forefoot to step on the pedals so that the calf muscles can also participate in spinning, enhancing the exercise effect and reducing the burden on the quadriceps of the quadriceps the thigh. Allows you to ride a bike longer.
In addition, it is also essential to keep the toes forward at all times, not downwards. On the one hand, if they go down, it will cause a burden on the toe joints, and it will also keep the anterior tibial muscles on the front of the calf tight, causing Muscle cramps. Therefore, keep this precaution for exercise bikes in mind.


Adjust the resistance

exercise bike resistance

When stepping on an exercise bike, some people look for speed as the wind, so they adjust the bike's resistance to zero. Although stepping on it fast, the exercise without load becomes a waste of time, and it rotates at high speed. Although the resistance of the wheels is very light, the inertia is still tremendous, so as long as your feet relax a little, you are most likely to be strained by the high-speed rotating wheels!
So before riding an exercise bike, think about these precautions so that you can burn fat and lose your muscles more heartily. Every minute of riding, you will get closer to a good body!


Speed up gradually

When riding on an exercise bike, let the speed of the exercise bike gradually increase. When you first step on the bike, do not set the speed too fast. You can start from 3km/h (km/h). If you can set the slope, set the slope to "0" initially, roughly equivalent to walking. Speed, and then gradually increase the speed or slope. When the speed increases to 5-6km/h, you may be in a fast walking or jogging state. The body has adapted at this time, and you can maintain or further increase the speed or slope as needed.


Pay attention to your heart rate

Yosuda monitor

How quickly is appropriate? You can control your speed by measuring your heart rate. Choose an exercise bike with an LCD monitor so that you can see your progress with every pedal stroke. It can track your workout time, distance, speed, calories, and odometer. If your cardiopulmonary function is better, your heart rate can reach (145-0.5 × your age) or even more. If your cardiopulmonary function is poor, your heart rate should be roughly about (125-0.4 × your age). At the same time, you need to experience how you feel. If you feel a little tired when riding, then that's right. If you feel exhausted, then you are riding too fast.


Pay attention to hydration

Yosuda hydration

Riding is a strenuous job, and hydrating is essential. Replenish water to replace the lost fluid during training. It will help you maintain more extended exercise. If you take a small sip, it should help you prevent cramps.

Do not ride exceed 60 minutes

How long does it take to ride to be effective? It varies from person to person. The most common way is to prepare for the activity at a slower speed for 5 minutes. Then ride faster for 20 minutes. Finally, have a slower pace for 5 minutes as a relaxation arrangement. This way down for about 30 minutes at a time. Generally speaking, about 30 minutes of exercise can have a better exercise effect. If you have higher requirements for yourself, riding for 45-60 minutes is all right. Generally, do not ride exceed 60 minutes as it is easy to cause fatigue and increase the tear of joints.



Listen to fast-paced music

Listening to music is much better, but earplugs can also cause problems. When riding, the earplugs and the ear canal are rubbed together. Sweating can cause abrasions in the ear canal. Yet, waterproof earphones with ear hooks can solve these problems to a certain extent. Besides, the rhythm of music may also affect the rhythm of riding, so be sure to choose fast-paced music. Sudden changes in music can affect the rhythm of riding.

 Yosuda exercise bike music

Slow down towards the end

It is not appropriate to get off the exercise bike immediately after riding. When riding, the body's blood is concentrated in the limbs, and the rhythmic contraction of the muscles can help blood circulation. But if you stop immediately after riding, the effect will disappear, and blood will not flow back to your heart well. The hub will not have enough blood to eject. Stop immediately may cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, which is severe. Symptoms of shock may also occur. So at the end of the riding, reduce the speed and transition from riding to walking, giving the body time to adapt.


Do some relaxation exercises after riding

Yosuda after ride
After riding, it's best to do some relaxing exercises for 3-5 minutes. It can stretch the calves, thighs, buttocks, etc. Also, it can relieve the tightness of the muscles.


Maintain exercise bikes

Yosuda maintenance

Most exercise bikes do not need maintenance. Keep the machine clean and wipe off sweat to avoid corrosion of external parts. If you need to replace the belt, they are cheap, and you can switch out it with a few simple tools. With a few minutes of inspection and maintenance a week, you can ride your bike for many years.


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