How to solve issues with the exercise bike?

How to solve issues with the exercise bike?

When you have an exercise bike, you have to expect that problems would arise one way or another. No matter how careful you are in using it, your exercise bike will still encounter a few problems. A common indoor bike usually encounters these common problems.

1. Slipping Off the Belt
This is a very common problem that you might encounter in an exercise bike. The belt holds all the pressure that you put when you are using the bike, so there is a chance that it would slip off frequently. If it happens, you will have to reinstall or replace it. Here is a simple way to deal with this kind of problem.
Step 1: Remove the pedals from the bike with the use of an Allen wrench or a regular Philips screwdriver. Make sure that you remove the pedals without affecting the threads.
Step 2: Remove the belt cover from the bike. Take care to remove all the attached screws on the belt cover so that you can view the belt.
Step 3: Remove the bolts holding the flywheel, and then move the flywheel to replace or install the belt. Pay attention to fix the belt on the correct track.
Step 4: Reinstall all the parts and tighten all the screws and bolts.

2. Squeaking Noise
If you hear rattling noises coming from your exercise bike, this is very common, but it doesn’t mean that you can just leave it there. The rattling noise coming from your exercise bike may come from a worn out belt or wheels, or it may also come from the pedal or the motor being jammed because of mold or rust.
The best way to deal with the rattling noises from your bike is to look for the source of the noise. If you realized that the noise is coming from the pedals or the belt, you have to dismantle the bike and clean it. Lubricate the source of the noise to make sure that it would function smoothly.
This is not a serious problem, and it can be resolved by doing regular maintenance on your indoor bike. You can implement weekly or monthly maintenance for your exercise bike.

3. Wearing crank threads
A stripped bike pedal can be super annoying, why did your pedal fall off?
It’s most likely caused by the crank threads being stripped out, and therefore the pedal has nothing left holding it in place. The best repair method is to replace the crank with a new one, as follows.
Step 1: Remove the pedals from the exercise bike and use a flat head screwdriver to pry off the cap that holds the crank arm.
Step 2: Remove the bolt on the crank arm with a socket wrench.
Step 3: Thread the crank puller securely onto the threads inside the crank arm and turn the puller to loosen the crank arm.
Step 4: Once you've removed the old crank arm, take off the cap from the new one. Slip the hole in the new crank arm over the screw threads, put the bolt on and tighten it with the socket wrench, and replace the cap. Then put the pedal back on.
Tips: Remember to make sure that the crank arm you're replacing is going the opposite of the other side. For instance, if the left crank arm is all the way down, the right crank arm should be all the way up. You can find a crank puller at most well-stocked bike shops.

4. Showing “0” or error code.
If your indoor exercise bike is displaying an error code or “0”, there's likely a problem with the monitor or the sensor cable.
In some cases, it might be as simple as needing to change the batteries in the monitor.
If the monitor isn't lighting up at all, change the batteries or replace a new one.
If the digital is not correct or the screen keeps showing “0”, adjust the sensor cable to the correct position or replace a new one.

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