Is 30 Minutes A Day on Exercise Bike Enough?

Is 30 Minutes A Day on Exercise Bike Enough?

Riding strengthens your heart, lungs, and muscles. Riding also improves the flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body. Also, regular cycling exercise can expand your heart even more. As we get older, the blood vessels in the body will become thinner, and our heart function will degenerate. In old age, you will experience the troubles it brings, and then you will discover how perfect cycling is.

When is the best time to ride an exercise bike?

3 pm to 5 pm. Scientific research shows that the best time for the human body to exercise is from 3 pm to 5 pm. Now, the oxygen intake, heartbeat, blood pressure change, smell, vision, touch, and hormone activity of the body are in the best state. And the adaptability and nerve sensitivity of the body is the best. Thus, the condition and efficiency of the cyclist now are the best. Besides, the body will continue to burn body fat until sleep at night.

How often should you ride an exercise bike? 

Every other day. Generally speaking, if you want to exercise on a spinning bike, you need 3 to 4 times a week to better effect. Too few exercises can not consume enough energy, and the impact on fitness is not apparent. Besides, it takes time for the body to recover after each ride, so it is best to ride every other day.

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How long does the ride take?

45 minutes a day. Aerobic or cardiovascular workout, such as riding, requires a certain amount of time. And the peak period is about 30 minutes. Now, the exercise effect is the best, and the fitness efficiency is the highest.

Can I ride an exercise bike every day? 

Not suggested. Riding an exercise bike is a high-intensity aerobic exercise that stimulates most muscle groups during training. The muscles cannot get recovered if you ride every day. That will make you feel exhausted and easy to get injured in sports. Thus, it is not recommended to ride a spinning bike every day. 

Relax and stretch after riding 

After riding, you should massage and stretch your legs to relax the tight muscles. Doing this can help you reduce the muscle soreness caused by the accumulation of lactic acid.

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