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How long should you use an exercise bike for?

How long should you use a Yosuda exercise bike?

The answer is 45 minutes a day.

Because Yosuda bike is mainly aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise takes a certain amount of time to reduce fat. The peak time is about 30 minutes. At this time, activity is the best, and the efficiency of weight loss is the highest.

How many times a week can I lose weight by cycling

The answer is three to four times.

Generally speaking, it takes 3 to 4 times a week to lose weight through the Yosuda bike. If the number of exercises is too small, enough energy can not be consumed, and the effect of weight loss will not be noticeable. Secondly, it takes time to recover after each exercise. We have enough rest to carry out future training, so we suggest that it is best to exercise every other day.

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How to ride a Yosuda bike to lose weight

1. Freeriding

The riding time should not be less than 30 minutes, and the speed should be controlled so that the breathing rhythm does not change significantly.

2. Intermittent cycling

The specific measures are as follows:
Warm-up for 5 minutes and rest for 2 minutes;
Ride at 60% intensity for 5 minutes and rest for 3 minutes;
Ride at 80% intensity for 3-5 minutes and rest for 5 minutes;
Riding at 50% intensity for 5-10 minutes can deepen breathing and relieve fatigue.

3. Sprint riding

First, a warm-up for 5 minutes, then ride at 80% intensity for 5 minutes, rest for 3 minutes, then ride at 100% intensity for 2-3 minutes, rest for 3 minutes, and ride at 60% intensity for 5-10 minutes.


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