Yosuda Black Friday Sale Guide

Yosuda Black Friday Sale Guide

Yosuda black friday

Yosuda has become one of the leading brands in exercise bikes. Yosuda Bike has become one of the most popular stationary bikes with the health conscious people of America. We are known for their durability and quality services. If you are looking to purchase an exercise bike that would help you achieve your fitness goals, here is Yosuda black friday sale guide for you.


Our YB001 Bike is superbly designed and equipped with many features. Put yourself in control of your workout with this indoor stationary cycling bike. Adjust the device to the most comfortable and effective levels with the saddle and handlebars, and monitor your progress with LCD window displaying time, speed, distance, and calories burned. Made for all ages and fitness levels, this sturdy stationary exercise bike is great for home or office use.



YB007A is our updated exercise bike designed to help meet the exercise needs of individuals. A thicker and thicker frame makes this bike able to support a maximum weight of 330 lbs. The belt drive system is the best drive system on the market. It's not a direct drive which has been used in all other models from traditional manufacturers for decades, but a belt drive. Why? It provides an incredibly quiet and smooth operation, meaning that there is no rubber belt to break or to replace periodically. Belts also run smoother and last much longer than rubber belts since the material of a V-belt is more durable and flexible at different temperatures.The length of the seat can be adjusted, which provides you with a stable riding environment. The frame of the bike is designed to absorb all the impact generated by your movement. Yosuda YB007A is effectively used for sports, physical exercise and weight loss.


Our YBM-1 mini under desk bike allows people get exercise at home or office without move. This bike is perfectly for those who do not have many time going to gym. With its powerful samarium cobalt magnet, YBM-1 provides a smooth, quiet pedaling experience. With 8 levels of adjustable magnetic tension, you can adjust resistance according to your needs. While sitting at your desk, now you can burn calories without sacrificing your productivity.


YOSUDA Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike

The Yosuda Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike is the perfect choice for at home fitness enthusiasts, or anyone who is looking for a way to successfully increase their levels of physical activity. Designed to support users weighing up to 350 lbs, this bike comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars that are positioned at different angles to promote comfort no matter your height or size. Equipped with a 40 lbs flywheel that provides a remarkable amount of resistance, even the most fit among us can challenge themselves on this high-powered bike.


YOSUDA Rower 100

The YOSUDA Rower100 features a silent magnetic resistance system to provide a smooth, quiet workout. Keep track of your progress on the large LCD display, which also includes tablet capability for reading e-books. The sturdy steel frame provides 350 lbs of weight capacity for durability, while the 49.2’’ slide length allows for extra room between stations.

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