Why Too Much Sugar Is Bad for You

Why Too Much Sugar Is Bad for You

Remember: The next time you purchase a sweet or sugary product, read the nutrition facts label. You may be surprised to find that almost 50% of the calories are from sugar. So if you want to keep your health in check, pay close attention to the amount of sugar you eat and limit those foods with added sugar.
Here are 6 reasons why eating too much sugar is bad for your health.

Cause Weight Gain

Sugar is everywhere in our diets these days, despite the fact that it has been linked with health problems like obesity and diabetes. Although artificial sweeteners are hotly debated and there isn’t strong evidence on which is the best option, it’s clear that limiting sugar intake is a wise way to be healthier overall.

Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease

When we overindulge in sugary foods and drinks, it's easy to become completely overwhelmed by the many side effects that accompany such a high-sugar diet. While the negative effects of sugar are well known and the consequences of consuming large quantities well documented, if you're looking to make better choices in your daily food and drink intake, cutting back on added sugars is a great place to start. The body will thank you for it!

Has Been Linked to Acne

While the link between dietary sugar and hyper-pigmentation is still being studied, there's more than enough evidence that it is a contributing factor in the formation of pimples. Sugar can also cause acne on other parts of your body, like your shoulders and back, if you're into chugging sodas. Our recommendation: cut out processed foods and sugary drinks (including fruit juices) to improve both skin clarity and your overall health.

Increases Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Sugar has adverse effects on multiple levels and is linked to both obesity and type 2 diabetes. These metabolic disorders are serious, but it may not be difficult or impossible to reverse the damage that has been done. Recent studies have revealed how cutting back on sugar and increasing your intake of dietary fiber can improve diabetes symptoms and reduce the risk of developing the disease. Don’t feed your sweet tooth with candy bars and sugary desserts, but do treat yourself to a small cookie or other treat every now and then—just make sure it really is a treat.

Increase Your Risk of Cancer

While the study does not connect eating a high-sugar diet to specific types of cancer, it does suggest that sugary foods and drinks may increase your risk for cancer. Other potential health effects of excess sugar include weight gain, cavities and diabetes. An editorial accompanying the research points out that eating too much sugar-laden food and drink is hard to resist on some days since it's so ubiquitous in our society.

Increase Your Risk of Depression

When added sugar is consumed in excessive amounts, it can cause harmful health effects, including contributing to the development of depression. Although more research is needed, gradually reducing sugar intake might offer some benefits to your mental health by changing blood sugar levels and inflammatory processes.

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