Why is a rowing machine recommended for fat loss?

Why is a rowing machine recommended for fat loss?

Emerging fitness equipment is always accompanied by various questions. With the increasing popularity of rowing machines, more and more people have become interested in this fitness equipment. Many people start including rowing machines in their plans when shopping for fitness equipment for home use.

However, many people are still curious, is the rowing machine really as good as the legend? What good can it bring us?

The benefits of a rowing machine.


1. Lose weight

When many people use a rowing machine, they will have a feeling that the resistance of this rowing machine is so light, can it really lose weight?

It is safe to say that as long as it is aerobic exercise, it has the effect of burning fat. Compared with running, cycling and other sports, the rowing machine uses more muscles in the whole body and consumes more calories. The excess fat in the body is converted into heat and burned, and the weight naturally falls off.

Of course, all sports require time and a process. Even if it is more efficient to burn fat, you still need to row for 30-60 minutes a day for at least 30 days before you can see the effect. No matter how good the fat reduction effect of the rowing machine is, it requires us to participate in it to exercise. Moreover, because the rowing machine exercises more muscles, the shaping effect on our whole body will be more obvious. Compared with running, the damage to the knee will be less, and there is basically no burden. It is also more friendly for people who are heavy or have injured knees.


2. Exercise cardiopulmonary function

The heart and lungs are the foundation for us to maintain a healthy body. Many people who are sick are often worse than ordinary people in terms of cardiopulmonary function. The rowing machine is an aerobic exercise, and the heart rate will be increased during each rowing process. The maximum oxygen uptake of the human body is increased, the metabolism is accelerated, and the cardiopulmonary function will naturally get better and better.

With the improvement of cardiopulmonary function, our endurance will be stronger than ordinary people. Others will lose their strength after 5 minutes of exercise, but we can easily run 10km without any problem.


3. Increases muscle mass

The rowing movement can be divided into a force phase and a recovery phase. In the process of exerting force, 84% of the muscles in our body are involved in the muscles of our legs, buttocks, abdominal muscles, back muscles and arms. This strengthens the whole body muscle building, and our body muscle mass will also increase.

Another benefit of muscle building is that it improves our basal metabolic function. This means that every day we burn a portion of our calories more than others. The basal metabolism is faster than others, even if you are sitting, you will continue to burn calories.

For girls, another benefit of increasing muscle mass is that they will look better. The flat buttocks in the past will become better-looking buttocks after exercise, and the shoulders and backs that were over-bent before will also be raised again, and the posture will be more natural.

In general, the rowing machine is a fitness equipment that is very suitable for use at home. If you want to put a fitness equipment at home, it is recommended to choose a rowing machine, and the whole family can use it for exercise.

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