Who is an exercise bike suitable for?

Who is an exercise bike suitable for?


The exercise bike is a common indoor fitness exercise, which can not only exercise, but also lose weight. But people who go to the gym often know that the people who take exercise bike group classes are basically younger people. Is the exercise bike a project only suitable for young people?


What age group is the exercise bike suitable for?

Exercise bikes have been popular with people aged 25 to 35 since their early days. But he doesn't have an age limit, because it's scientifically designed to keep participants safe. Moreover, the intensity of exercise is completely controllable and can be adapted to people with different athletic abilities.

Generally speaking, normal people aged 15-50 can ride an exercise bike. However, there are also some special cases, such as those with knee injuries, heart disease patients, high blood pressure patients, and those who are too old and not in good health. It is not recommended to ride an exercise bike.


Who is not suitable for riding an exercise bike

People with knee injuries are not suitable for riding an exercise bike, because the friction of the knee joint is very large during the entire riding process. Coupled with high-intensity pressure, it is easy to form potential injuries, which will be slowly reflected in the future exercise process. There are also heart disease and high blood pressure patients who are best not to ride an exercise bike to avoid danger during high-intensity training.


Is an exercise bike a strenuous exercise?

The exercise bike is a vigorous indoor aerobic exercise, and the amount of exercise is larger than that of many sports. For example, jogging, riding an exercise bike for 45 minutes can achieve 1.5 hours of jogging, and the exercise intensity can be imagined.

Exercise bikes are more intense than regular cardio, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Because for people without the above special circumstances, insisting on riding an exercise bike can bring many benefits.


Health benefits of exercise bikes

1. Prevent heart disease and high blood pressure

Although exercise bikes are not suitable for people with heart disease and high blood pressure, they have preventive effects for people who do not have the disease. Because in the process of riding the exercise bike, the movement of the legs will compress the blood flow, and the blood will be drawn back to the heart from the blood vessels, so as to strengthen the microvascular tissue and expand the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, exercise bikes can effectively prevent vascular-related diseases, make blood vessels thinner and thinner, and strengthen heart function to reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

2. Enhance cardiopulmonary performance

During the cycling process of the exercise bike, the power needs to be constantly changed, and the action alternately completed again and again. This allows the cyclist's heart rate to fluctuate with the ebb and flow of speed and resistance, prompting blood circulation. Such repeated practice can make the heart muscle develop, the heart become larger, the heart muscle contracts powerfully, and the elasticity of the blood vessel wall is enhanced, so as to achieve the purpose of improving cardiopulmonary function.

3. Avoid brain aging

Some medical studies have shown that pedaling alternately with both feet while on an exercise bike can simultaneously develop the left and right brain, improve the agility of the nervous system, and effectively prevent the brain from debilitating prematurely and becoming sluggish.

4. Work out the muscles in your lower body.

The exercise bike can mobilize the main muscle groups of the lower limbs, play a role in shaping the large muscle groups such as the buttocks and thighs, and enhance the muscle strength of the lower limbs of the human body.

5. Shed some pounds

Usually, a 45-minute exercise bike class will consume 500 to 600 calories. This value is very considerable and cannot be reached by ordinary aerobic exercise. And regular exercise bikes will improve people's ability to absorb and utilize oxygen, speeding up the body's metabolism, and the increase in metabolism will speed up the decomposition of fat.

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