What kind of shoes, clothes, pants do I need to wear to ride the exercise bike?

What kind of shoes, clothes, pants do I need to wear to ride the exercise bike?

I believe that when most people ride an exercise bike, they just wear a set of sports clothes and start riding. But what I'm telling you is that just one tracksuit is not enough. We need to match the appropriate clothing to different sports. This is, of course, not for aesthetics, but for convenience and safety.


What to wear when riding an exercise bike

1. Don't wear clothes that are too tight, so as not to tear your clothes when you ride too much. At the same time, you can bring an extra small jacket to prevent the wind and cold after riding a lot of sweat. It can also avoid the embarrassment of clothes being soaked in sweat.

2. You can wear a sleeveless camisole or vest on the upper body, which can increase your motivation to lose weight. Looking at your figure in the mirror, you will have a strong desire for a good figure. At the same time, a sleeveless camisole or vest is easy to perspire and breathable without causing hyperthermia.


What kind of pants should I wear when riding an exercise bike?

1. The pants must be comfortable.The exercise bike requires constant stepping of the legs, and pants that are too tight are not suitable. And too tight pants will not absorb sweat well.

2. At the same time, avoid wearing trousers that are too loose in order to avoid being hooked or clamped by parts such as pedals during high-speed riding, which can be dangerous.

3. Choose pants that are stretchy.When riding an exercise bike, the lower limbs have a relatively large range of motion, and pants with poor elasticity will affect our riding movements.

4. Don't choose trousers with poor workmanship. In particular, the crotch position should not be off the line. Because when you are resting or feeling tired, you need to sit on the seat and ride, and the crotch friction is large, it will be embarrassing if the line is off.

5. Don't ride in jeans. Jeans occupy almost all of the above points. They are hard and rough, and their elasticity is relatively poor.


What kind of shoes should I wear when riding an exercise bike?

1. When riding an exercise bike, choose shoes with certain pressure resistance, that is, sneakers with hard soles. This will help keep your feet in place so you won't injure your ankles during high-speed movement. If you choose shoes with soft soles, such as cloth shoes, Then we can easily wear our feet when we ride, and there is a risk of injury from stepping down.

2. You must choose shoes that fit your feet instead of buying expensive shoes, which are not necessarily suitable. The shoes should preferably be the shoe covers that fit into the pedals of the exercise bike, and the space between the shoe covers is the most suitable size to accommodate the shoes.


3. It is best to choose shoes with thick soles. If the soles are very thin, your feet will feel some pain when exercising. Therefore, when riding an exercise bike, you must choose thick and comfortable shoes.

4. It is recommended to choose a pair of shoes with a high degree of non-slip because many people slip and get injured while riding, so a pair of sneakers with deep anti-slip patterns on the bottom is very important.

5. When choosing shoes, be sure to choose shoes with ventilation holes because your feet will sweat a lot when riding. If the shoes are not breathable, some of the organic matter in the sweat will ferment at high temperatures, resulting in foot odor. This environment is very favorable for the growth of microorganisms, which is not conducive to foot health. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose shoes with good ventilation.


Additional clothing for cycling

1. A pair of sports gloves

Wearing gloves while riding an exercise bike can keep the handlebars steady after sweating hands and reduce friction between the handlebars and the hands.

2. A pair of athletic socks

Sports socks can absorb sweat, breathe, and slow the impact of strenuous exercise on the soles of the feet. Of course, now that the shoes are all selected, socks should not be too vague. A pair of good socks and good shoes can make exercise more effective.

3. A waist support for sports

Waist support can provide you with the necessary protection to prevent sports injuries, especially to the lumbar spine. If you have some injuries or other problems with your waist, a sports waist supporter is a must.

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