Long-term sedentary equates to chronic suicide?

Long-term sedentary equates to chronic suicide?

How many hours do you sit in a day?

Most of the day we spend most of the day at work, we mostly sit, and at night when we get home, we play games, watch TV, and then probably sit again. But you know what? This seemingly ordinary way of life actually has serious health hazards.


The dangers of sitting for too long

Studies have shown that sitting for 1 hour can cause damage to human health equivalent to smoking two cigarettes, which can reduce life expectancy by 22 minutes. So if we sit for 10 hours a day, the harm is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes, which will shorten our lifespan by 220 minutes.

Not only that, if you stay in a sitting position for a long time, the waist will continue to be stressed for a long time, which is easy to cause back pain. Do you feel the same way? This is because the load on the lumbar spine is greater when sitting than when standing. At this time, the pelvis is tilted backward, the lumbar lordosis disappears, and the center of gravity of the body moves to the front of the spine. The intervertebral discs are under pressure, eventually causing back pain.

And if your sitting posture is improper, it will also cause different degrees of lumbar muscle strain, spinal damage, slow metabolism, memory loss, insomnia and other problems.

In addition to the health hazards, prolonged sitting can also have an impact on our posture.

Sitting for a long time will put the whole body weight on the bottom of the vertebrae, making people fat, but also causing bad posture such as big butt, hunched over, and pelvic tilt.

Some researchers found that people who sit almost all day and rarely exercise have cells that are 8 years older than their chronological age.


How to deal with sedentary problems?

Is there any way to deal with the above harm caused by sitting for a long time?

Yes, the best way is to exercise more.

Exercise is a good medicine to prevent most diseases. After sitting for 1-2 hours for a long time, we can stand up and move our muscles and bones, and do some stretching exercises. If we can stick to this every day, then the symptoms caused by prolonged sitting will be relieved a lot.

Of course, this amount of exercise is not enough. After get off work or on weekends, we can go to the gym to exercise properly for an hour or so.

If for whatever reason you can't go to the gym, that's okay, there are a variety of indoor fitness machines that allow you to work out at home. And the most popular exercise bike today is a good choice.


What are the benefits of riding an exercise bike?

The sport of exercise bikes originated in the 1980s. The energetic and enthusiastic way of exercise is sought after by everyone, especially for young white-collar workers, and it has many health benefits.

1. Lose weight and shape

The exercise bike is one of the most effective ways to lose fat thanks to the way it is trained.

The training method of the exercise bike is very similar to HIIT (high-intensity interval training). This training method not only has a good weight loss effect, but also has a relatively short exercise time, which is very suitable for white-collar workers who lack time.

2. Relieve stress

Many white-collar workers are facing work pressure, so that their normal lives are disrupted. If you want to escape from the stress of work, an exercise bike will be a good choice.

In the exercise bike class, we can choose to use soothing music to relieve stress, or we can choose to sweat profusely in the cheerful music, leaving the stress and all kinds of unpleasantness behind.

3. Prevent Disease

Exercise bikes can prevent a variety of cardiovascular diseases and improve human immunity.

Because when we ride the exercise bike, we can use the movement of the legs to compress the blood flow, and draw the blood from the blood vessels back to the heart, which strengthens the microvascular tissue and expands the heart and blood vessels.

Hurry up and buy an exercise bike, put down your mobile phone and get up and move around, don't let sitting for a long time endanger your health.

If you are looking for a cost-effective exercise bike that can meet your exercise requirements. You can consider YOSUDA exercise bikes, which are suitable for home use and meet various riding needs.

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