If you want to train a peach butt, but also want to lose fat? Exercise bike to help you solve

If you want to train a peach butt, but also want to lose fat? Exercise bike to help you solve

For all girls who like to work out, the buttocks are the part they must want to work out the most. A perfect butt is to a woman what a man desires for his eight pack abs.

A firm and firm buttocks can make the legs look slimmer and make the body more beautiful. On the contrary, once a girl's buttocks are flat and sagging, it will look like her legs are fat and short, and she won't look good in any pants.

So in the gym we can see that at least 80% of the girls spend most of their time practicing squats, stirrups and other hip strength training. But the disadvantage of these strength training is that the fat loss effect is poor, if you have the need to lose fat, but put all your energy into hip training, the end result will be to make your body more and more bloated. Is there any way to train your buttocks and lose fat at the same time? Of course there is, the exercise bike is the best way.


Exercise bikes: both for hip training and fat loss

Many people's stereotypes of exercise bikes are "aerobic exercise", "good fat burning effect", "weight loss miracle", but I do not know that the function of exercise bikes is not limited to weight loss.

The exercise bike mainly takes the legs as the center of movement, and at the same time will drive the hips, waist and abdomen, back and other body muscles and joints of 80%. So the exercise bike also has a very good effect on the exercise of the hips.

In the process of exercise bike pedal, when the foot pedal to the lowest point, the leg began to extend back this action, will use the gluteus maximus muscle force. The gluteus maximus is the most important muscle in the buttocks, gluteus maximus training can tighten the buttocks muscles to achieve the effect of buttocks.

 As for the fat loss effect of the exercise bike, I believe we all understand. As one of the largest aerobic exercise, it is the same as all aerobic exercise, in the exercise process can fully activate the body's sports cells, in the consumption of energy while playing the fat loss effect.An exercise bike session is generally 45 minutes long, can consume 500 to 600 calories, than jogging for an hour to consume more.


How long can I see the effect of riding an exercise bike on my buttocks

It takes at least 3 months. If there is more fat in the buttocks, you need to lose fat and increase muscle. You need to achieve this they both reach a certain level to be effective. If you have less fat in your own buttocks and then want to buttock, you need to exercise your buttock muscles to tighten them up. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body, and it is difficult to increase it again. It takes about 3 months of training to have results.


What you need to pay attention to when exercising your buttocks on an exercise bike

Use the exercise bike to exercise the buttocks, to control the frequency of riding, it is not recommended to ride every day.

Because the training frequency is too high, it will lead to insufficient time for muscle synthesis and affect the growth of the gluteus maximus. But the interval should not be too long, such as riding once a week, so the training frequency is too low and the stimulation of the muscles is not enough at all.

So my advice is to ride every other day, which gives the muscles plenty of time to synthesize and also allows you to recover your energy.

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