Do your knees stand up when riding a spinning bike?-Listen to orthopedist

Do your knees stand up when riding a spinning bike?-Listen to orthopedist

Treadmill? Too monotonous and boring! Gymnastics? Can't keep up! In the gym, the most densely populated area is the exercise bike area.

As one of the most fat-reducing exercise methods, the exercise bike can burn calories while sweating profusely, and you can also release stress with music. As long as you try it once, I believe you will be abused by it and cannot extricate yourself.

Unlike ordinary bicycles, exercise bikes are more inclined to the role of fitness aid. The purpose of strengthening the strength of the lower body can be done through the setting of resistance. It can speed up fat consumption by increasing the heart rate. You can also adjust the pedaling frequency through the speed of the music. Therefore, many people who lose weight are eager to exercise bikes.

1. Can your knees to standing up to an exercise bike?

Recently, more and more news reports about going to the gym and riding an exercise bike sweating for a month. Although weight loss is remarkable, their knees are sorely sore, and it becomes difficult to even go up the stairs...

Countless people can't help but wonder, can the knees stand when riding an exercise bike?

In fact, any exercise can bring pressure to bear on the knees and wear them down. Incorrect and unscientific riding will only do harm to the knees.

The study found that the load on the hip, knee, and ankle joints of the lower extremities during cycling was relatively small, but there were still numerous injuries during cycling. Most experts feel that the high frequency of knee flexion and hip flexion, and the side to side rocking of the upper body during cycling increase the load on the knee meniscus. Seats that are too small or too forward, and improperly positioned pedal clips are the main causes of knee injuries.

Therefore, there is no absolute knee injury exercise, only scientific, suitable, and reasonable exercise methods can avoid your knee injury

2. How to protect the knees in the exercise bike?

Do not pedal hard, the process of losing weight must be gradual. Do not shake your body too much from side to side during riding. Not only is doing this not helping your weight loss plan, but it also puts a load on your knee joint that is several times your body weight.

Don't blindly is the rhythm of the exercise bike class and the rhythm of the trainers. This can easily exceed your exercise limits. If you are new to the exercise bike and have a weak foundation for exercise, once you inadvertently exceed your physical limits, sports injuries are very close to you.

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