7 Ways To Exercise If You Don’t Have The Time

7 Ways To Exercise If You Don’t Have The Time

Prioritise walking or cycling

Take advantage of your daily routine and incorporate physical activity into it. Even if you have to take public transport for the majority of your commute, consider walking part - or even all - of the journey home. This will give you an opportunity to wind down after a long day at work or school while getting some exercise in too! If going out in your free time entails taking public transport as well, challenge yourself by seeing how much can be covered on foot instead. Walking offers a great way to unwind that is also beneficial for health and well-being.

Exercise at lunch time

During your lunch break, it's important to prioritize nourishment first and foremost. However, if you have an hour for lunchtime - why not utilize a portion of the time to invest in physical activity? Walking or jogging outside, stretching at home or work; anything that gets your body moving is beneficial! Exercise can be done even during short periods so don't stress about taking hours out of each day. Rather focus on finding small ways throughout the week where you can increase your heart rate while also fueling up with much-needed nutrition.

Put exercise into your daily activities

Exercise doesn't have to involve a gym or special equipment; it can be as simple as making small changes in your day-to-day activities. Instead of taking the lift, why not take the stairs? Taking regular walks with your four-legged friend is an easy way to get moving more - and you could park at one end of town for added motivation! Adding these extra steps into your routine will help increase daily activity levels without having to make any big lifestyle adjustments.

Practice yoga at home

Break away from the stressors of life and add some mindful movement to your daily routine. Yoga is an ideal exercise for anyone looking to relax--all it takes is a few free moments at home, minimal equipment, and access to YouTube! With so many experienced instructors offering videos tailored specifically for various levels or abilities online, you won't find yourself short on resources as you practice yoga amidst times when letting go feels like its most needed.


Take some time to move your body with the joy of dancing! Whether you're out on a Saturday night, or in for an evening at home - there are plenty of ways to make it fun. Put on your favorite tunes and enjoy burning calories while spending quality time with those close to you. Dance is an accessible way to get moving and have a good time all at once!

Taking part in P.E.

If you are a student, P.E. class provides the perfect platform to boost your fitness levels and make exercise part of your regular routine! With proper guidance from an experienced instructor as well as an array of physical activities, there is no reason why you should feel self-conscious about participating - it’s all about enjoying yourself while pushing each other to be active in a supportive environment!

Use the time when you are waiting for something

Make the most of your downtime at home by utilizing short, effective exercise sessions! Skipping, squats and sit-ups are ideal activities to fit into even a few minutes. Investing in regular small workouts throughout the day can be an efficient way of boosting activity levels without taking up large amounts of free time.

Exercise in the morning

Make the most of your mornings by dedicating half an hour to exercise. You can spare this time for a quick, energizing walk or jog in your garden - no need to sacrifice any regular activities! A morning routine that includes physical activity will ensure you start off each day with plenty of energy and enthusiasm.

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