6 Reasons Why Drinking Water May Help You Lose Weight

6 Reasons Why Drinking Water May Help You Lose Weight

While the exact mechanism of water's effect on weight loss remains unknown, numerous studies have made it clear that drinking more H2O plays an integral role in trimming down. Here are a few potential explanations behind this phenomenon and how to make hydration work for you!

Water is a natural appetite suppressant

When the stomach reaches satiety, it communicates to our brain that we're done eating. To add bulk and promote tummy fullness without added calories, drinking a glass of water is an easy way to help conclude meals - plus it can also satisfy cravings due to dehydration masquerading as hunger!

Water increases calorie burning

Recent findings suggest that drinking water can be an effective and easy way to boost calorie expenditure. Twelve participants who drank 500 mL of cold or room temperature water experienced a metabolic increase, burning 2-3% more calories than usual within the following 90 minutes. Moreover, H2O may also temporarily accelerate energy output even when at rest. Taking it one step further by consuming cold beverages could offer additional advantages as the body will burn extra fuel in order to warm up the liquid for absorption.

Water helps to remove waste from the body

Water plays a key role in helping the body maintain its optimal health. It is essential for filtering out toxins and waste from the kidneys, softening hardened stools that can cause constipation or digestive issues, as well as reducing bloating which may lead to swollenness or weight gain. Drinking an adequate amount of water each day keeps your body's functions running smoothly while achieving a healthy level of bodily hydration.

Drinking water can reduce overall liquid calorie intake

For those looking to slim down, liquid calories may easily be overlooked as a culprit. From soda and sweetened coffee to sports drinks and alcoholic beverages, such high-calorie consumption can counteract weight loss goals. Replacing two or more of these items with no-calorie options like herbal tea could yield substantial results: in one studyTrusted Source it was found that this approach resulted in an average 2 -2.5 percent drop on the scales over six months for women suffering from obesity issues. Additionally, findings suggest that drinking 250mL of water after lunch each day during a 24 week period will lead to even greater success; potentially 13.6% additional pounds shed compared with other methods employed by participants without hydration assistance!

Water is necessary to burn fat

Maximum fat-burning potential requires adequate water intake. Without it, the body is unable to successfully initiate lipolysis--the process of metabolizing stored fats. A 2016 mini-review revealed that increased hydration leads to enhanced lipolysis and a decrease in fatty tissue for animals studied, thus providing evidence about how important H2O consumption is for effective weight loss management.

Water helps with workouts

Exercise is a crucial element of any weight loss program, and it's important to stay adequately hydrated while working out. Water helps support skeletal muscles, ligaments, tendons as well as organs like the lungs and heart during physical activity. When you drink water before training sessions plus throughout them - not just afterwards - there’s less chance of dealing with cramps or exhaustion that can derail progress in those gym goals! Staying filled up will also make sure your body has enough liquid reserves when exposed to hot environments such as direct sunlight or humidity. Drink up: Looking after yourself today translates into having lasting energy for tomorrow!

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