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Spending a lot of time training isn’t something that is necessarily fun. In fact, there are a variety of things outside of cycling that I would rather be doing. So, when doing athletic activities, many cyclists choose to have the “right” equipment so they can stay focused on their workout and have a more enjoyable training ride.

Training on the Yosuda exercise bike helps to reduce pressure on the joints. Anyone who is used to riding a bike for sports should have one in their home. Even if they don’t take it very seriously, or if they compete in professional events, buying one of these is still a good idea. It helps them to build their endurance up more quickly. Many people enjoy using this device because there are so many different ways to improve fitness levels. It’s honestly one of the best things I’ve ridden on regardless of how many times I’ve ridden it!

Good news if you want to buy an exercise bike for home. There are lots of exercise bike for beginners that cost about $300. Using an exercise bike can help you lose weight, tone your muscles, and improve your cardiovascular fitness. The best exercise bike for beginners is exercise bikes that have adjustable resistance, and are good for strength training.

Finding the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life can be a tough task. After all, bikes are very personal items, and someone might not like to take advice from a stranger on which bike to buy.

Well, don't worry. Yosuda is here to help. We've spent the past decades researching and developing bikes for a variety of riders and budgets and we think we've narrowed it down to this list of 4 great bikes, from beginner to expert.

These bikes won't break the bank, and all of them offer plenty of value for the price.

Yosuda YB001 Exercise Bike


Yosuda YB001 exercise bike

Yosuda YB001 is an entry-level exercise bike that is suitable for people of all ages. Heavy-duty steel is used for the frame, which is very sturdy and durable. There is a 35 lb flywheel that provides smooth riding and you can adjust the resistance level to suit your needs. During your workout you can monitor your real-time exercise data with the LCD monitor on this bike, so you are more in control. A belt drive makes this bike quiet, smooth and requires minimal maintenance. Adjustable handlebars and seat settings ensure cyclists get an excellent workout.



  • Heavy-duty steel frame and 35 lb flywheel
  • Ergonomic seat with 4-way adjustment & Non-slip adjustable handlebar
  • A LCD monitor displays real-time exercise data
  • Max user weight: 270 lbs
  • 12-month parts and labor warranty


Yosuda YB007 Exercise Bike


Yosuda YB007 exercise bike

Yosuda YB007 is an updated stationary bike with a sturdy welded steel frame that overcomes the unsteadiness of most exercise bikes. A 40-pound flywheel can make cycling more realistic. With the LCD display, you can understand exactly how many calories you have burned as well as distance, speed, and revolutions per minute (RPM). Furthermore, the bike comes with a tablet holder so customers can watch videos while riding.



  • Durable welded steel frame & Adjustable seat, handlebar
  • 40 lb flywheel to make for a smooth ride
  • Silent and ultra smooth belt drive & Adjustable resistance
  • Digital Monitor and iPad Holder
  • Max user weight: 330 lbs
  • 12-month parts and labor warranty


Yosuda Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike


yosuda magneticexercise bike

The Yosuda Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike is a new version of the Yosuda bike. The 40 lb flywheel can inspire you to go the distance, whether you are a beginner or an expert. It comes with 100 micro-adjustable resistance levels, which makes riding more comfortable and quiet. Light-commercial pipes ensure its excellent bearing capacity for cyclists up to 350 lbs. The handlebar and seat can be adjusted to fit people of different heights up/down and forward/backward. Perfect for a family workout!



  • Ultra silent magnetic drive system with mechanical adjustment
  • 40 lbs flywheel brings realistic feeling of riding
  • Monitor real-time workout data including RPM, time, speed, distance, calories, and odometer.
  • Personalized fit exercise bike with 4-way adjustable seat, handlebar
  • Max user weight: 330 lbs
  • 12-month parts and labor warranty

YOSUDA YBM-1 Magnetic Under Desk Cycling Bike

YOSUDA YBM-1 Magnetic Under Desk Cycling Bike

The YBM-1 is a new style mini exercise cycle that allows people to pedal under their desks. It is very lightweight and compact, making it practical to use throughout the day. It does not interfere with work and exercise can be incorporated into business meetings or class lessons, making exercising fun and enjoyable. The YBM-1 has built-in rotation sensors that recognize pedaling speed and automatically control the frequency of magnetism generated by the yoke, allowing it to help users exercise more efficiently.

  • Magnetic drive, no friction with the flywheel. Extremely quiet and smooth.
  • Control your workout intensity with 8 different levels of resistance.
  • Designed to fit under the desk and save space.
  • It allows forward and reverse training. It can also be used on the arms and legs
  • Anti-slip pads on the ABS frame keep you safe.

It's winter time and there is nothing more miserable than the cold. Cyclists deal with this discomfort by riding indoors which is safe and convenient. That is why, for this holiday season, I am featuring the best exercise bikes for cyclists to use at home.

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