Best Early Black Friday & November Deals 2022

Best Early Black Friday & November Deals 2022

Here are our best deals from Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on bikes, and rowing machines! We know the day hasn’t yet arrived, but heaps of brands and online retailers are starting early, and already there are some ridiculous deals out there.

Hurry while they’re in stock, and check back often… we are updating this list continuously all week and weekend with new deals as they’re announced, right up to the actual Black Friday & Cyber Monday dates… Happy shopping, and, Holidays!

1. YOSUDA Magnetic Bike YB001R

The upgraded model (YOSUDA YB001R) comes with a magnetic resistance system, which features a quiet and smooth operation.
It's a great choice for lower-body conditioning and overall fitness, specially designed to fit most home spaces while using less floor space than most machine alternatives.

Use Code YS001R to Get $60 Off!

2. YOSUDA Magnetic Bike YB007R

The YOSUDA Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike YB007R is an upgraded version of the previous model(Yosuda YB007A).The compact design is easy to move, and with a quiet belt drive system that lasts for years.It can be used for intense cardio training as well as various other muscle training and weight loss exercises.

Use Code YOSUDABF to Get Up To 40% Off!

3. YOSUDA Rowing Machine 100

Premium heavy-duty commercial quality steel, granting the rowing machine a maximum weight capacity of 350 LBS, and features of being sturdy & durable. 49.2” slide length fits almost all users and is suitable for heights up to 6’6”.

Use Code YSRMBF to Get $110 Off.

4. YOSUDA Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike

The Pro Magnetic Bike has been upgraded in material, making it more solid, more durable with a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, and safer to cycle. Moreover, the feature of an adjustable handlebar and seat also enhances the use frequency of this bike because it’s not limited to a single-family member, everyone in the family. At the same time, the 40 LBS flywheel meets the needs of all levels of cycling, so you don't need to change bikes at every stage of your workout.

Use Code YOSUDABF to Get Up To 40% Off!

5. YOSUDA Pro-R Magnetic Exercise Bike

The Pro-R Magnetic Bike is YOSUDA's most professional bike currently. Upgraded on the basic features of those previous bikes, with greater weight capacity and durability, it provides smoother and safer riding. Behind the seat, a dumbbell rack is added, so users can train upper body strength while building lower body muscle. At the same time, this bike also added heart rate monitoring, showing your exercise status in real time.

Use Code YOSUDABF to Get Up To 40% Off!

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