How to choose the right exercise bike for you?

How to choose the right exercise bike for you?


Exercise bikes improve your body's cardio, aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Encouraged by music, trainers and a good team atmosphere, it makes you burn more calories.

The best feature of the exercise bike is that it allows you to release the energy your body has been reserving for a long time immediately, creating a sense of accomplishment. A cycling session is 45 minutes, with the first 5 minutes warming up; 35 minutes of main training. The instructor will guide to adjust the resistance and power of the bike according to each person's situation, and simulate riding actions such as going up and down hills and flat roads. In the exercise endurance at the same time a lot of fat consumption; the last 5 minutes for relaxation stretching, so that the lines look better. Such a lesson throughout the entire adherence to about 400 to 500 calories can be consumed, equivalent to jogging for an hour, not only fat loss, but also to improve cardiorespiratory function.

Regarding the adjustment of resistance, for beginners you can appropriately lower the requirements of the coach, but never adjust the resistance to very little or zero resistance riding. Because the flywheel will have inertia when riding, if the resistance is too small, the foot is easy to step on the air, but more dangerous. Therefore, prefer to first increase the resistance, and then slowly downward adjustment.

Exercise bike but a high-intensity aerobic exercise, training 3 to 5 times a week can be, do not need to ride every day, that will make the body lack of sufficient recovery time, to the detriment of health.

In this particular period, the exercise bike is really a very good indoor exercise, can cope with most people's daily exercise needs. But there are many people who have quite a lot of doubts about buying a bike, whether in terms of brand, or quality, specifications, after-sales service ......

After all, buying a bike is not buying groceries, how to buy a suitable bike is particularly important, the following I have organized some matters that should be noted in the selection of bicycles for your reference.

The weight of the flywheel

The flywheel is the core component of the exercise bike, it will directly affect the stability of the bike and riding smoothness. Many people think that the heavier the flywheel, the better, but not.

As a home exercise bike, there is no need to pursue the weight of the flywheel. Especially for the magnetically controlled resistance bicycle, there is no need to care about the weight of the flywheel, because the weight of the flywheel must be paired with the magnetic control function, and the weight has low correlation with inertia.

For friction resistance bicycle, the weight of flywheel will be related to the inertia of pedaling while riding. If the flywheel is too heavy, the inertia will be too large to stop, which will easily cause danger; if the flywheel is too light, the inertia will be too small to achieve the training effect. So if it is a friction resistance bike, it is recommended that the weight of the flywheel in 18 to 20 kg.

The weight of the exercise bike basically comes from the flywheel, so the greater the weight of the flywheel will be more bulky, not convenient for the usual handling.

Resistance generation method

Resistance is the core function of the exercise bike, the lack of resistance to support the exercise bike will no longer dynamic.

Exercise bike has three types of resistance generation, respectively, friction resistance, magnetic control resistance and electromagnetic control resistance. Among them, friction and magnetic control requires manual adjustment, is the common resistance system of the bike on the market; and electromagnetic control type can automatically adjust the resistance, but due to the high cost of reasons in the market is not common. In the friction type and magnetic control type, I recommend to choose the magnetic control type.

Because frictional resistance is generated by rubbing the brake pad against the flywheel, which will produce lint/dust and make noise when rubbing. The new generation of magnet-controlled resistance is to install magnets on both sides of the aluminum flywheel, using the contact surface of the magnets and flywheel to generate the so-called eddy current to form resistance, the larger the contact area eddy current pops into the stronger the resistance, and the magnet-controlled bicycle in the ride almost no noise, running more smoothly.

Transmission method

The chain is durable, the belt is silent, each has its own strengths.

The earliest fitness bikes are extended to outdoor bicycle chain drive, until the back of the belt drive way. If it is a home exercise bike, I recommend choosing the belt drive style.

Because the chain drive will produce greater noise, and the need for regular maintenance on the oil, more trouble. And belt drive ductility, back rubber serrated and gears bite no sound, pedaling feels smooth, the only drawback is that over time there will be hardening and fracture and other problems.

Body Material

Metal bicycle in addition to the baking paint part, usually can prevent rust and corrosion. Exercise bike is a lot of exercise training, in the process of exercise will sweat a lot, with you in the car to splash, these sweat will spill on the body, if the body is made of cheap material, inevitably will leave traces. But the body if you can use anti-corrosion materials, such as plastic protective cover, aluminum alloy cladding, etc., is the most ideal method.

Body structure

It is recommended to choose a geometric structure with high load-bearing capacity. It is not recommended to choose a model with uneven load-bearing capacity or a movable connection point on the bracket.

Exercise bike is indoor fitness equipment, no road upsets, so there is no need for shock absorbers. It is best to choose a geometrically uniform frame, to avoid the weight of the car or user weight all pressed on a support point, in order to maintain the long-term structural integrity of the car.

Combination of software and hardware

Exercise bike is originally a group class, riding under the driving force of the coach is the characteristic of this sport. And many big brands are aware of this, to create their own software, the coach will be live on the above lessons, so that people do not have to leave home will also have the experience of being in the gym.

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