Black Friday Shopping Guide

Black Friday Shopping Guide

Black FridayNovember 26 is Black Friday, and the largest annual purchasing season will begin. Thousands of consumers are already eagerly waiting for merchants to start the most compelling discounts in the year. The survey shows that 135 million Americans plan to make extensive purchases during Thanksgiving this year.

And the topic of fitness has never shut down, and the family's fitness will come to the people's welcoming, and more and more people have chosen the cost-effective home fitness rather than health. Especially during the current Black Friday Festival event, many fitness brands provide considerable discounts. Of course, as a cost-effective exercise bike brand, Yosuda will also provide excellent promotions, will let the consumers in this day, let more people can enjoy the health and fun of the aerobics. You only need to subscribe to our email now, you can receive our exclusive discount volume on Black Friday.

It should be pointed out that many times the same discounts are also available online. If you shop online, you can avoid the discomfort of shopping in the cold wind, and you can also get cashback from major cashback websites. In addition, if you want to grab a deal on Black Friday, sometimes you don’t have to wait until midnight local time. For example, the Wal-Mart website sometimes opens for shopping early. The only thing you need maybe a smooth network and fast hand speed.


In order to allow consumers to better buy what they need and enjoy discounts on Black Friday, Yosuda has summarized the following shopping guides.


1. Plan what to buy as soon as possible:

Make a list of the things you want to buy, and don’t make a provisional decision about what you want to buy. It is very easy to be induced by discount information to purchase unwanted things. Another drawback is just easy to entangle in a product and store, wasting precious shopping time, and missed the panic buying of other discounted products. If you want to shop for an exercise bike, of course, you don’t need to spend extra time shopping. You should choose our Yosuda exercise bike because we will provide the greatest discount and service guarantee to ensure that customers buy the products they want.


2. Decide who to buy as early as possible and figure out the merchant policy and product roadmap:

Understanding the merchant’s queuing policy. For example, Wal-Mart and BestBuy will issue numbers to people in line for specific products an hour before the door opens, and many Wal-Mart products are marked with a one-hour guarantee. Target is first-come, first-served. For a first-come-first-served store that opens, it’s especially important to know where the merchandise will be stored. Most popular products will not be put on the shelves but will be placed in eye-catching places such as aisles. It is important to know the location of the trendy products to be purchased in advance. Put it in the aisle and seal it with a seal, you can give attention to it in advance). There are also some stores that will give some benefits to customers who queue early. For instance, H&M will give more discounts to those who queue early. Last year Kohl’s gave the first 100 customers two free movie tickets and so on.


3. Find the advertising page and discount code as soon as possible:

Find the merchant advertisement page and manufacturer discount coupon manufacturer coupon, and take it with you. Some outlets can get a coupon booklet with student ID, an AAA membership card, UnionPay card, etc. Please remember to go to the service center to get it before panic buying.


4. Be good at using credit card discounts

Be good at using AMEX OFFER to get extra discounts. Good use of Discover redeems cashback to gift card function can change Discover cashback to a discounted gift card. For example, the gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond can be exchanged for Discover points. Stock up the gift cards you need in advance to achieve good results

Also, please do not forget to bring your coupon. If want to outlets, it is recommended to bring student ID, UnionPay card, MasterCard, AAA membership card, etc., which can be picked up at the service counter.

For websites that often shop, you can register to be a member and subscribe to their emails. You can often receive discounted electronic coupons.


5. Make good use of offline rebate websites such as Ebates, shopping portals, and ibotta of major airlines

As the number one rebate website, Ebates has always been known for its reliability. Its in-store rebate function allows rebates not only to be spent online. Ebates is currently the only website in the United States that provides cashback for physical store shopping. Be sure to add the cashback offer from the physical store to each of your cards before going out shopping on Black Friday.

In 2017, the UA shopping portal also will launch cashback in physical stores. This cash-back program is not inconsistent with Ebates. You can also earn UA Miles when want to a physical store to spend.

Ibotta is an emerging rebate website, and its main advantage is the high rebate. Complete the original rebate within seven days of registration to get a $10 reward, which is a must-have artifact in the shopping season.


Finally, remember not to forget to subscribe to our email.

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