Belt Drive or Chain Drive, which type of exercise bike better?

Belt Drive or Chain Drive, which type of exercise bike better?

The original design inspiration of exercise bikes comes from outdoor bicycles. Outdoor bicycles are generally driven by chains, while exercise bikes are different. The transmission methods of exercise bikes include chain drive and belt drive, which are mainly distinguished by different transmission materials.

So which type of exercise bike is better? Do you also have such troubles when buying an exercise bike? We need to understand these two transmission methods.


Chain drive

A chain drive works the same way as a bicycle. At present, there are not a few exercise bikes that use chain drives on the market, and they are basically used in lower-priced styles.

1. Transmission sound problem

Most of the exercise bikes with chain drive use an all-inclusive body design in order to prevent the chain from being involved in foreign objects, and thus reduce a certain amount of noise. However, when riding there will still be a vibration and friction sound generated by the engagement with the chainring.

2. Maintenance cost

The chain drive needs to add lubricating oil to the chain frequently, and this kind of maintenance experience is not good. In the case of lack of oil lubrication, the chain will easily fall off. The manufacturer generally does not provide replacement services. It will be more troublesome to replace it by yourself.

3. Transmission power

The transmission power of the chain drive is larger than that of the webbing and smaller than that of the belt. The contact area of the chain drive is small, so the power generated during the drive process is not as good as that of the belt. It is precisely this reason that the exercise bikes of the big brands basically do not use the chain drive.


Belt drive

Belt drive generally refers to rubber belts, synthetic rubber belts, etc. Different uses or different prices have different thickness, hardness and slot positions. At present, most of the exercise bikes used in the market are rubber belts. The characteristics of belt transmission are silent, stable, smooth, and high transmission power.

1. Mute problem

In terms of these three materials, the belt drive is relatively quiet, so it is also used more in home exercise bikes.

2. Transmission power

Due to the relatively large contact area, belts with multiple slots such as five-slot and seven-slot belts appear on the market. Due to the large contact area, the transmission power is better than chain transmission during the transmission process.

3. Maintenance cost

The maintenance cost of the belt is not high, mainly because of its good durability. If your exercise bike is only for home use, you do not need to replace the belt in three or five years. Even if it is replaced, the price is similar to the chain.

4. May slip

In the case of high exercise intensity, strong explosive force, and fast pedaling speed, if the width and friction of the belt are insufficient, slippage will occur during the pedaling process, which will seriously affect the exercise experience.


Belt drive chain drive which is better

Chain drive is a transmission method that transmits the motion and power of the driving sprocket with a special tooth shape to the driven sprocket through the chain. Compared with belt drive, there is no elastic sliding and slipping phenomenon, reliable work and high efficiency. The transmission power is large, the overload capacity is strong, and the transmission size is small under the same working conditions. It can work in harsh environments such as high temperature, humidity, dust and pollution. However, chain transmission can only be used for transmission between two parallel shafts. It has high cost, easy wear and tear, poor transmission stability, and additional dynamic load, vibration, impact and noise will be generated during operation. It is not suitable for rapid reverse transmission.

To sum up, when we buy an exercise bike, the belt-driven exercise bike is the best choice, and it is also the mainstream transmission method on the market.

Do you usually buy more belts or more chains?

Usually, the belt drive is used more at home, and the chain drive exercise bike is generally used more in the gym!

Why do gyms like to use chain drives, and households like to use traditional belts?

Because chains are more wear-resistant than belts. Exercise bikes in gyms are used more frequently. If you buy a belt model, you need frequent maintenance and the cost is higher! For a home exercise bike, it takes about 30-60 minutes a day, and no more than 2 hours at most. It won't be very long, don't worry about the belt breaking. In addition, the belt is quieter and more suitable for home use!

Since the belt is prone to wear and tear, how often should the belt be replaced?

Now the exercise bike has been greatly improved in terms of quality and service. Some brands of spinning bikes have belts that last a few years. In general, it is recommended that you buy the belt type. Although the chain is wear-resistant and durable, it is still noisy after all, and it also needs to add lubricating oil from time to time, which is more troublesome and not as simple and practical as the belt.

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