YOSUDA New Arrival!

YOSUDA New Arrival!

Aiming to providing more professional fitness equipment, YOSUDA launched two new upgraded products in October.

YOSUDA Rowing Machine 100R

Compared with the 8-level resistance system of Rowing Machine 100, the upgraded 100R’s resistance system is of 16 levels, which offers more professional workout performance. In addition, the inseam rail length is 52 inches, longer than the Rowing Machine 100.

DIGITAL MONITOR - Track your data and measure your performance with the digital monitor that displays scan, time, count, total count, and calories.

DEVICE HOLDER - Place your tablet, phone, or other mobile devices to watch videos or listen to music during the workout.

MULTIFUNCTION CAPABLE - Versatile enough for a total body workout or focus on specific upper body muscles using front rows, overhead rows, bicep curls, and more!

NON-SLIP HANDLEBARS - Foam-padded handlebars offer you a comfortable ride and allow for multiple hand positions.

16-LEVEL RESISTANCE - 16-level adjustable magnetic resistance provides versatility and customization for rowers of all levels.

BOTTLE HOLDER - The bottle holder keeps your favorite beverage within arm's reach! Keeping hydrated is important!

SMOOTH SLIDE RAIL - With a 52” slide rail inseam, the 100R can accommodate rowers of nearly any size.

FOOT PEDALS - Get a grip and maintain your stability with the extra-large foot pedals with adjustable straps.

COMFORTABLE SEAT - Supportive yet comfortable enough to last throughout your workouts of any intensity.

FLOOR STABILIZERS - Simply twist until level to maintain a stable and solid base as you row. It is essential to your balance and focus.

TRANSPORTATION WHEELS - Lift, tilt, and push your rowing machine away for storage or easily reposition it within your home gym.

CONVENIENT STORAGE - Storage is simple quick and easy! Simply lift to store upright against a wall to avoid tripping over the slide rail.


YOSUDA Pro-R Magnetic Exercise Bike

The cycling bike is upgraded from the current bikes to make it more solid, with a new pulse-tracking handlebar and a dumbbell rack behind the seat, allowing you to train your upper body during the ride!

DATA TRACKING - Set your workout goals and measure your fitness progress through multiple various metrics including speed, distance, calories, time, and pulse.

STABLE & DURABLE - Professionally designed for the most demanding workouts, this stationary bike has a max weight capacity of 330 LB.

ULTIMATE ADJUSTABILITY - The magnetic exercise bike supports users of nearly every size thanks to the high level of adjustability. The 4-way seat has both vertical & horizontal level settings, so as the handlebar.

HIGH INERTIA FLYWHEEL - 40 LB flywheel offers smooth, silent, fluid, and stable riding and the authentic feel of the road.

FULL BODY WORKOUT - The included weight holders let you take your workouts further. Holding up to 16 LBS, the dumbbell holder helps to incorporate upper-body training into your fitness routine.

MAGNETIC RESISTANCE - Virtually no maintenance, micro-adjustable resistance creates an unbelievably smooth ride that creates multiple levels of riding for enthusiasts of all levels.

DEVICE HOLDER - Say goodbye to flimsy tablets or phone holders on your bikes! The device holder is incorporated directly into the rubberized non-slip handlebars which enhances grip and feel, keeping your tablet, phone, or laptop secure.

YOSUDA's now offering 10% off the entire order! Come and get your new bike or rower!

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