The Best Yosuda Bike for Him/Her!

The Best Yosuda Bike for Him/Her!

Chocolates and flowers are great Valentine's Day gifts. But if you're trying to go beyond the basics, consider buying your loved one some workout equipment. During the quarantine, hundreds of people became unhealthy because of the lack of the workout. Therefore, an indoor exercise equipment will be necessary for them to keep fit. YOSUDA’s got 4 types of indoor exercise bikes for you to gift to your loved ones.


No matter how familiar you are with the exercise bikes, YOSUDA always has one type of the exercise bikes that are suitable for you. Below are some kinds of the bikes:


  1. YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike YB001


This is definitely the best choice for the majority of beginners. With 35 LBS flywheel and belt-driven system, YB001 bike brings you fluent and nearly noiseless workout experience, avoiding disturbing your families, roommates or neighbors. Moreover, traditional infinite resistance system with felt pad allows you to adjust whatever level of resistance you like, meeting your various basic needs of cycling intensity. In addition, equipped with the adjustable handlebars and seat, YB001 bike almost fits the whole family with different body types.


  1. YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike YB007A


Being different from the YB001 bike, the bike’s 40 LBS flywheel satisfies most cycling enthusiasts' professional needs. With upgraded premium-quality commercial steel, the bike is sturdier than the YB001 bike with greater weight capacity. Also, more adjustable handlebars and seat positions allow professionals to cycle with more positions to reach their fitness goals.


  1. YOSUDA Pro Magnetic Bike


If the traditional resistance system still does not meet your needs, you should try this one. Adopted the magnetic drive system, it is almost noiseless when cycling, and the sound can still be controlled below 20 DB even after thousands of times of use. No matter what your families are doing — working, reading or sleeping, there is no disturbance to them. The display is easy to read and clearly shows RPM, time, speed, mileage distance, calories and odometer. The iPad stand features anti-skid silicone and foam to prevent the device from falling or getting worn, plus it can be extended up to 11 inches and pivoted up and down to accommodate a variety of angles for convenient viewing. Besides, the stand's position is well arranged to keep your tablet or phone from getting in the way of the display.


  1. YOSUDA Under-desk Magnetic Cycling Bike YBM-1


For the elderly and those who are too busy to have a workout, this bike was a good choice because it can be placed everywhere with it's portability. Equipped with adjustable magnetic resistance system, it's completely noiseless and brings you fluent workout. Besides, it takes little space for you to store it. You can place it under your bed, your sofa or any corner of your house.


Flowers and chocolates can be romantic, but health is a lifeful gift.

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