Why Do People Choose Yosuda Exercise Cycling Bikes?

Why Do People Choose Yosuda Exercise Cycling Bikes?

Founded in 2018, Yosuda has been selling its equipment to people around US on various platforms. With the reliable quality, we’ve received thousands of reviews from different aspects.


  1. Our stationary bikes are liked with their feature of being easy to assemble and their transportation wheels that make themselves convenient to be moved.

“Had this bike for weeks now. It was easy to assemble, I got it done by myself with 40mins from opening box to getting it done. When you took it out from box you will know the quality. Well made. There’re transportation wheels in the front so I could move it anywhere I want. The place holds my phone I could watch some movies during exercising. Adjustable seat and hand hold design for all different body shape. It has most things you need to record on its monitor: time, calorie, speed, distance, etc. So far I’m satisfied with my purchase.”


  1. Our bikes are of home exercise kind. With its adjustability in the handlebar and the seat height, it can be used for everyone in your family (adult of course). Additionally, its feature of being sturdy makes it save even for the beginners.

“I bought this exercise bike at the beginning of September and since then it is in regular use. At the moment you can say that it is sturdy and doesn't wobble while riding. The wheel runs smoothly, the resistance is adequate. Adjustability is great. In itself, the bike handlebar and seat height can be adjusted, so it is really suitable for everyone. All the parts are working well. I am more than satisfied with the value for money and I would not call myself a beginner after many absolved Spinning course on the YouTube. I recommend Yosuda indoor cycling bike, which is very suitable for home exercise. I think it has the quality of a gym bike.”


  1. With the iPad holder, you can watch whatever videos you like or some exercise courses, which make your riding funny and effective.

“Wanted a sturdy/solid in door bicycle with an iPad holder that I could potentially convert *Mickey Mouse style* to a peloton, and this baby does the job! Fits a standard 9.7" iPad whereas previous Yosuda model you would have to flip the speed monitor upwards. Seat is comfortable, though not as sturdy as I want it to be. For mid $300s, this bike does the job well. Only thing I worry is the longevity of the brakes as I use this practically every time I bike, did consider magnetic resistance but $$ was an issue. Nonetheless, highly recommend.”


We have attached great importance to users’ reviews so that we could develop our equipment better and better from users’ suggestions, not only on its practicality, but also its looks. In the past years, though we have received reviews pointed out that some parts were not designed very well, we have kept considering these suggestions and tried our best to develop the equipment more satisfactory for most people, providing excellent exercise experience.

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I want to exercise on days when being out is unbearable.
I am a stationary person, 68 years old that has Fibromyalgia. Pain gets real bad, legs,ankles, headaches, back sciatica,
Neck and shoulder. I am trying to get a bike I can afford. My husband afraid I fall on my 2 wheel road bike. I haveat least 4-5 times. But I need to get fit
I want to get fit. It may help me with pain and I want to be wise my choice

Shirline johnson

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