Will This Bike Scratch Hardwood?

Will This Bike Scratch Hardwood?

If you are pedaling hard the bike does have some wobble so yes, it might scratch hardwood. I would suggest putting a small area rug down. --Jordyn Ralphs

I am not sure. It has hard plastic feet. I would recommend a mat. Ours is on carpet, soon to be on a mat when we figure out what we want. Yosuda was supposed to have a free mat to go along with the bike, but they were out of stock. --SM

I don’t know but it dose have plastic caps on the bottom & is very sturdy you could always put rubber pads under them or a mat.  --by Customer.

It has hard plastic covers that’s attached to each corner. I would suggest purchasing a bicycle mat for added protection. --Nadene Cooper

Put coasters under each foot to be sure it doesn't. --James b.

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