Why is the exercise bike a scientific way of fitness?

Why is the exercise bike a scientific way of fitness?

The exercise bike was first created in the 1980s by an American personal trainer named JOHNNY G. It is an indoor bicycle training course that combines music, lighting, visual effects, and vitality. Continuously adjust the exercise intensity through sitting riding, standing riding, fast and slow speed changes, etc., and continue to exercise for a certain period to achieve sufficient exercise consumption and physical training. After adding the music training atmosphere, also makes sports more enjoyable.


Since its invention, the cycling method of exercise bikes has become the most popular exercise method in the United States and the best course for reducing fat for 20 consecutive years. It has become popular all over the world.


As for the fat reduction effect of exercise bikes, the Italian "Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness" has studied the impact of cycling fitness on obese women and found that cycling can effectively reduce body fat.


The lower legs are called "the human body's second heart." Because the blood reaches the lower extremities, which is the farthest from the heart, there needs to be enough power to help the blood flow back. Lower limb exercise can effectively promote blood circulation and exercise cardiopulmonary function. Studies have shown that people who exercise their lower limbs regularly every week can effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases by 13%.


It also has an outstanding improvement on fatty liver, high blood pressure and other problems. The muscles of the lower extremities account for 70% of the whole body, which is an important part that must not be ignored. If weight-bearing squats are the king of leg strength training, then exercise bikes are better for aerobic exercise, cardiopulmonary exercise, and muscle endurance training. As mentioned earlier, the two important indicators to measure the effect of fat burning heart rate and duration, exercise bikes can be tailored and fully meet these two points. It is more suitable for more extended time sports and is relatively safe.


Unlike regular cycling, riding an exercise bike is a brand new indoor cycling sport. It introduces the training content of professional track and field athletes into the physical exercises of different groups of people.


From the perspective of muscle training, when you ride an exercise bike, you will mobilize your whole body muscles to participate, effectively achieving a shaping effect. While fully activating the body's motor cells and consuming energy, it can also reduce fat or gain muscle. I found that many people say that they often have thick legs when they ride bicycles, but this is not the case. Regularly riding an exercise bike helps to tighten the legs and shape the beautiful calves.


In terms of its impact on the body, exercise bike training compresses blood flow through leg exercises, strengthens blood vessel tissue, improves heart function, and effectively prevents cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. According to statistics, an average 45-minute exercise bike training course can consume about 500 calories per exerciser.


Due to the exercise bike does not occupy any space, it is quiet and undisturbed during exercise. At the same time, dynamic music can also make the exercise fun. Not only suitable for young people but also can adjust the cycling intensity range according to physical conditions. It is also suitable for middle-aged and older adults and makes exercise bikes the trend of family fitness.

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