Common Mistakes of Exercise Bike

Common Mistakes of Exercise Bike

The exercise bike is one of the most popular and the most exercised equipment in the gym. It requires very high physical fitness. The exercise bike entering the gym is the same as all aerobic exercises. While fully exercising, consumes energy while achieving the goal of reducing fat.

While exercise bikes bring benefits, we must also avoid these mistake behaviors of exercise bikes.


1. Work out with weights on a bike

Lifting weights during rotating is ineffective and unsafe. The most direct and effective way to exercise muscles is to carry out weight training in a stable state.


2. Ride with one hand or let go of both hands

This action may cause you serious injury when standing or jumping, and when sitting and climbing, it will also cause uneven force on the waist, which will damage your health.


3. Don't wear proper shoes

Wearing soft-soled or non-cycling shoes during exercise can easily cause discomfort in the foot's arch and pain in the sole of the foot. Choosing special shoes can generally solve the numbness and tingling of the feet caused by the discomfort of the shoes.


4. Step back

Research has proved that stepping backward and using the same muscle group and consuming the same amount of calories, so there is no advantage to stepping backward. And this action will loosen the pedals, which may cause injuries when the pedals fall.


5. Use the grip when sitting

Such behavior may cause excessive bending of the hip joints and spine, which may cause lumbar pain. When you need to look up, this grip position can easily cause neck strain.


6. No resistance at all

Stepping without resistance is a waste of exercise time. Moreover, stepping without resistance at high speeds can easily cause sports injuries and cause unnecessary damage to the body.


7. The seat is adjusted too forward or backward

The front and back adjustment of the seat determines the angle of knee bending. A seat that is too forward will affect the angle of the pelvis, put pressure on the lower back, and cause discomfort in the waist and hips.

If your seat is leaning back, your legs need to be stretched out to step on the pedals. It is equivalent to some of the dangers that arise when your car seat gets taller, such as tendon strains and other symptoms.


8. Turn the handle too high or too low

For those athletes who are used to adjusting the handlebars too high, if the handlebars are too high, it will affect your riding skills and exercise effects.

 Because the handle is too high, it will indirectly cause your body to be too straight. If the body is too straight, it will not achieve a better pedaling cycle because of the need for a stronger force to step down.

 In this way, your exercise posture will not look good, and your stepping force will be consumed by the wrong body posture, thereby reducing the exercise effect.

If the position of the handle is too low, most of the power will be used on the hands, arms and shoulders. This can cause tingling and numbness in the hands, accelerate the deterioration of the symptoms of wrist syndrome, and may cause shoulder pain.


9. There is no need to exercise with the knee joint and lumbar spondylosis

Exercise the motion bicycle is greater for the knee and waist, so you cannot participate in this movement if there is knee and lumbar pain.

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