5 Do's and Don'ts for a Successful Exercise Bike

5 Do's and Don'ts for a Successful Exercise Bike

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Exercise bike has always been a trendy sport, and the weight loss effect is also excellent. However, if you want to use the exercise bike more smoothly and exercise better, you also need to pay attention to a few notes for exercise bikes. So today, we will talk about the precautions to be paid attention to when riding a exercise bike.


1. Wear a costume

Exercise bike is a prolonged aerobic exercise bike. Therefore, you need a set of suitable sportswear to ensure that your exercise process is comfortable and safe. The upper body clothing can be relatively casual and comfortable, but the trousers are preferably tight-fitting trousers, sports pants, or sports shorts. Be sure not to wear loose trousers because they will hook on the pedals when riding a exercise bike.


2. Adjustment of Exercisebike

Exercise bike is a sport, unlike ordinary cycling, you need to sit on it, and you can ride it. Riding a exercise bike needs to consider whether the forced movement is smooth and whether the posture is standard. Therefore, before riding a exercise bike, you must adjust the exercise bike's seat height and handlebar height.


The height of the seat should be adjusted to the same height as the hips. Too high or too low a set is not conducive to the strength of the leg muscles, which will cause poor exercise bike effects and poor safety. The height of the handlebars must be higher than the height of the seat, which is mainly to allow the hands to better support the upper body to maintain the body's stability.


The adjustment of the exercise bike is significant. It will affect your exercise bike feeling and exercise bike effect during the whole exercise bike. Therefore, we must pay attention to the adjustment of the exercise bike.


 3. Keep your back straight and stable

To achieve a good exercise effect on the exercise bike, the riding posture must be standard. In these positions, the most important thing is to keep your back straight and stable at all times.


When riding a exercise bike, many people will shake their bodies unwillingly. This is the legs borrowing force from the waist, which will reduce the exercise effect of the leg muscles. And if the lumbar spine constantly swings from side to side, it will also bear many unnecessary burdens.


In addition to keeping your back stable, you must also keep it straight. It sounds simple, but in fact, many people unconsciously relax when they ride a bicycle. Keeping the waist straight can strengthen the exercise effect of the core muscles of the abdomen and avoid a lot of burden on the lumbar spine.


4. The direction of the sole and the position of the force

In the process of riding a exercise bike, pay attention to using the force of the forefoot to step on the pedals. It allows the calf muscles to participate in riding, enhancing the exercise effect and reducing the burden on the thigh quadriceps to ride longer.


In addition, pay attention always to keep the direction of your toes toward the front, not downwards. If it goes all the way down, on the one hand, it will cause a burden on the toe joints, and it will also keep the anterior tibial muscle on the front side of the calf tight, causing muscle spasms.


 5.Do less on the car

In many exercise courses in the gym, the coach will take the students to do some fancy exercises.


But, in the process of riding a exercise bike, if the hand leaves the handlebar, the body is in an unstable state. In this case, when you do strength training, your body will unconsciously borrow force from your waist, which will make the exercise effect worse and cause a lot of burden on the lumbar spine.


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