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The Differences Between Yosuda Upright Stationary Bikes

Magnetic Resistance vs. Felt Brake Pads

The main difference between our three best-selling series of bikes 001,007 and Pro:

You should know that the bikes with an "R" in the model number and the Pro series are all magnetically controlled resistance, i.e. YB001R, YB007R, Pro-M and Pro-R. Those without an "R" are braked with felt brake pads. Bikes with magnetically controlled resistance will be less noisy in use.

YB001 vs YB001R, YB007A vs YB007R

The biggest difference between the same series is that the model with "R" in it has magnetic resistance, otherwise there is almost no difference.

Pro-M vs Pro-R

The Pro-R is made of even better materials than the Pro-M, making it exceptionally durable and suitable for long periods of high-frequency use.

The Pro-R is also heavier and larger, all of which suggests that it is better suited for high-frequency prolonged use than the Pro-M.

The Pro-R has a larger maximum weight capacity than the Pro-M.

Different resistance adjustment methods: Pro-R is a button, and Pro-M is a knob. Pro-R’s brake is a button, Pro-M’s brake is a knob. Buttons make it easier to change resistance as you ride without having to turn a knob as often as Pro-M, 001 and 007.

Flywheel weight difference: Pro-R is 45 lbs, Pro-M is 40 lbs. Heavier flywheel weights mean steadier and smoother riding.

The Pro-R has an upgraded seat cushion, monitor, etc. with better materials, and Pro-R also has a dumbbell rack.

001 vs 007

The difference between the 001 and 007 series is mainly in the maximum weight capacity and flywheel weight.

007 series has a larger maximum weight capacity, which means it is more suitable for high-frequency use than the 001 series.

007 series has a larger flywheel weight. Heavier flywheel weights mean steadier and smoother riding.

Both the 007 and Pro series have RPM indicators on the monitors, the 001 series does not.

007 vs Pro

The inseam height of the Pro bike is approximately 65 cm (25.59 inches), and YB007A is approximately 70 cm (27.56 inches).

The maximum user capacity of YB007A is 330 LBs while the Pro bike is 350 LBs.

The flywheel of the YB007A and Pro bike are 40 LBs.

The Pro series bike has the 4-level up/down & front/back adjustable handlebar, while the 007 and 001 series handlebars can only be adjusted up/down.

001 vs Pro

Having already compared 001 and 007, 007 and Pro, you can compare 001 and Pro series by yourself by using the above comparison.


Bike weight: 001 < 007 < Pro-M < Pro-R

Flywheel weight: 001 < 007 = Pro-M < Pro-R

Maximum weight capacity: 001 < 007 < Pro-M < Pro-R

Heavier bike weights and maximum weight capacity mean better suitability for longer and more frequent use.

Heavier flywheel weights mean steadier and smoother riding.

Pro series’ handlebars can be adjusted up or down, front or back, while 001 & 007 can be only adjusted up or down.

Pro and 007 series have an RPM indicator on the monitor, while the 001 series does not.

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