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The Biggest Problem With Exercise Bike, And How You Can Fix It

If you are a beginner who is just starting to ride an exercise bike, you need to know one thing: how to maintain your bike. How to add lubricant to an exercise bike? How to maintain Yosuda bike?

How to lubricate an exercise bike

Yosuda maintenance

The function of adding lubricating oil to an exercise bike: to prevent rust. Apply a layer of lubricating oil on the moving parts.

Lubricate the following parts regularly:

1. On the parts for adjusting the height of the seat;

2. on the spool of the resistance valve;

3. on the chrome part of the handlebar;

4. on the chrome part of the handlebar;

4. on the chrome part of the pedal;

5. on the chrome part of the bicycle seat;

6. Lubricate the movable parts. Use spray lubricant, use a small amount on the brake spring, but make sure that the lubricant does not get on the brake pads of the bicycle.

7. Lubricate the chain.

Why do we need to maintain the exercise bike regularly?

1. Maintenance can improve the exercise effect of the exercise bike.

2. Maintenance can keep the machine new for a long time, make the bike run more smoothly, and make the exercise bike more enjoyable and maneuverable.

3. Maintenance can keep the exercise bike in normal condition and reduce the failure rate.

4. Regular maintenance can reduce personal injury caused by machine malfunction.

5. Through maintenance, you can discover the hidden dangers of fitness equipment in advance. 

Separate maintenance for different parts of the exercise bike

1. Crank: If the crank is used for a long time, it is necessary to check whether the crank screw is loose. If loose, reinforce it in time.

2. Dial: Keep the dial tidy and clean. When the battery is used up, replace it to prevent the battery from oxidizing and damaging the dial.

3. Frame: Wipe off the sweat on the frame after each ride. Doing this can make the bicycle more durable (be careful not to wipe it with a wet cloth to avoid rusting).

4. Chain: Check regularly whether the chain and the gear are tightly engaged. If the chain is offset, adjust it in time. The chain is one of the core components of an exercise bike, and regular maintenance can extend the bike's life.

5. Cushion: Keep the cushion clean and dry.

6. Flywheel: Wipe the flywheel frequently. Keep the flywheel clean to make riding more comfortable. After the flywheel has been used for some time, lubricate the bearing. This way can make the flywheel run more smoothly, reduce noise and prolong its service life.

7. Pedal: Due to the frequent movement of the pedal, it is necessary to check whether the screw between the pedal and the crank is loose. It should be reinforced in time. Check the protective foot cover regularly. If it is aging, replace it in time.

8. Screws: Because of long-term use, the bicycle screws will loosen a bit. Thus, you should always check whether the screws and adjusting knobs are loose or fall off. Tighten or replace them in time.

9. Belt: Check whether the belt is cracked or damaged. Check whether the belt deviates from the position to adjust or replace the belt in time. The belt is one of the core components of an exercise bike, and regular maintenance can extend the bike's life.

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