Riding your exercise bike in standing position can double your fat burn

Riding your exercise bike in standing position can double your fat burn

When riding outdoors, we usually do not use standing riding, because standing riding requires higher leg strength, and if the riding is not well balanced, it is easy to fall. But when the bike came indoors and turned into an exercise bike, standing riding became the norm.

The structure of the exercise bike has been improved to make this sport easier and easier to learn while retaining the pedaling method of a bicycle. Therefore, in the exercise bike course, we often see the riding method of alternating sitting and standing positions, in order to make the exercise effect better and consume more.

Some people think that standing and seated riding just look different, and there is no difference in the part of the exercise and the effect of the exercise. Is this true?

The difference between standing and seated riding is of course not limited to visuals.

Difference between standing and seated riding

1. The pressure on the waist is different

 When riding in a sitting position, the seat and handlebars of the exercise bike are basically at the same height, and the distance is relatively far. The body often needs to lean forward, and the pressure on the waist will be relatively large.

When riding in a standing position, the distance between the body and the handlebar becomes shorter, the bending angle of the waist will become smaller, and the pressure on the waist will also decrease.


2. Different pressure on the knee

When riding in a seated position, part of your body weight is borne by the seat. Although not all body weight is applied to the knee joint, it is also unable to produce the maximum explosive force.

When riding in a standing position, almost all of the body's weight is placed on the knee joint. The pressure on the knee joint is relatively high, and the benefit is that the pedaling force is more powerful. It can generate more powerful explosive force and feel more comfortable when stepping on it.


3. Different exercise parts

In the case of suitable resistance, the exercise bike is a good aerobic exercise. The main exercise part is the legs, which has a good effect on the shaping of the leg muscles and the consumption of body fat. Howeveng riding.


4. different exercise intensity

Sitting riding is not easy to exert force. In order to pedal continuously and smoothly, the resistance of the exercise bike should not be too large. When exercise intensity is moderate, it is better at shaping and burning fat.

The explosive power of standing riding can be adjusted to a higher level of resistance. Not only is it beneficial to exercise the strength of the legs, waist and arms, but it also burns fat and muscle faster.

Based on the above points, standing riding and sitting riding have their own characteristics. Therefore, in the process of riding the exercise bike, it is recommended to alternate riding with standing and sitting positions. In this way, a more comprehensive exercise effect can be obtained, and sports injuries caused by a single riding position can also be avoided.

Next, I will teach you two standing riding skills to make it easier for you to grasp this riding style.


Correct posture for standing riding

1. Standing flat riding

  • Sit back on the buttocks, so that the upper body naturally leans forward slightly;
  • The distance between the left and right hands holding the handlebars is slightly larger than that in the sitting position;
  • You can feel the force of the hips and thighs when pedaling, and keep the upper body stable and do not twist left and right.

    When riding with this action, pay attention to the upper body not to be too straight.


    2. Standing Climbing

    • The buttocks are still sitting back, and the upper body is naturally pressed forward;
    • Hold the highest position of the bicycle handlebar;
    • Tighten the core, turn up the resistance, and feel the abdominal muscles engage as you pedal.

    In addition, we should pay attention to the following points when riding in a standing position:


    1. Grip the handlebar lightly

    Many people tend to get too nervous when they first try standing up. During the riding process, the handlebar will be tightly grasped, causing the center of gravity to fall on the hand, which will affect the effect of the exercise to a certain extent.

    2. Relax your shoulders and straighten your back

    Shrugging shoulders and slumping waist are the most common wrong riding postures, which will not only affect the effect of exercise, but also cause muscle and joint pain. The correct way of riding should be to lean forward with the upper body, straighten the arms, tighten the abdomen, and use abdominal breathing at the same time.

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