How To Maintain Your Indoor Exercise Bike

How To Maintain Your Indoor Exercise Bike

Spinning is an emerging aerobic exercise that can make your whole body get exercise. Once launched, it quickly swept the world and quickly became a popular fitness program in the fitness industry. In more than 80 countries, tens of millions of fitness enthusiasts use it to build a beautiful body every day and enjoy the great happiness brought by sport. But many people don't know how to maintain the exercise bike. The following is the maintenance knowledge and precautions about the exercise bike.

Why do exercise bikes need maintenance?

Just like a car in your life, you need to check its use status regularly, and the same is valid for exercise bikes. Maintenance can increase the service life of the exercise bike. According to statistics, the average service life of the exercise bike that has been regularly maintained is at least 10 years longer than that of the exercise bike that has never been kept. Repairing an exercise bike can cost hundreds of dollars. If we usually carry out regular maintenance, it will reduce the occurrence and aggravation of failure.

  1. Maintenance can keep the exercise bike in normal condition and reduce the failure rate. According to statistics, 80% of the failure of fitness equipment that has not been maintained can be found in time before the failure. If they are discovered and dealt within advance, the occurrence and aggravation of failure can be avoided.
  1. Maintenance can improve the useful effect of the exercise bike.
  1. Maintenance reduces blindness and passivity of maintenance work, improves pertinence and initiative, and avoids unnecessary costs.
  1. Maintenance can keep the machine new for a long time and make the machine run more smoothly. Making the exercise bike more ornamental and manoeuvrable.
  1. Maintenance can grasp the hidden danger of fitness equipment in advance, thereby reducing the workload of emergency repair after failure and shortening the repair time.
  1. Regular maintenance can reduce personal injury caused by equipment failure.

Exercise bike maintenance and precautions

Frame: After each exercise, use a dry cloth to dry the sweat on the frame to make the bike more durable (be careful not to wipe it with a damp cloth to avoid rusting).

Flywheel: Wipe the flywheel frequently to keep it clean for more comfortable riding. After the flywheel has been used for a period of time, lubricating oil should be added to the bearing for maintenance to make the flywheel run more smoothly, reduce noise and prolong its service life.

Chain: The chain of the exercise bike should be checked regularly to check whether the chain and gears are tightly engaged, and whether the chain is offset. If there is a problem, it needs to be adjusted in time. After the bike has been used for a period of time, it should be lubricated for maintenance to prevent rust, improve exercise efficiency and reduce noise, so that the bike can run more smoothly. The chain is one of the core components of an exercise bike, and regular maintenance can prolong the life of the bike.

Belts: Check the belts for cracks and breakages and out of position for timely adjustment or replacement of the belts. The belt-type exercise bike sometimes attaches some rubber crumbs dropped by the belt in the groove of the belt, so the groove should be cleaned regularly to prevent the belt from running smoothly and causing the belt to jump out of the groove. The belt is one of the core components of the exercise bike, and regular maintenance can prolong the life of the exercise bike.

Screws: Due to long-term use, the bike will loosen the screws, so it is necessary to regularly check whether the screws in various parts of the body are loose or fall off, and whether the adjustment knobs are loose, and should be tightened or replaced in time.

Crank: If the crank is used for a long time, it is necessary to check whether the crank screw is loose, so as to strengthen it in time.

Pedal: Due to the frequent movement of the pedal, it is necessary to check whether the screw between the pedal and the crank is loose, and it should be reinforced in time. The protective foot cover should be checked regularly for aging so that it can be replaced in time.

Dial: Keep the dial clean and tidy, and replace the battery in time to prevent the battery from oxidizing and damaging the dial.

Cushion: Keep the cushion clean and dry.

Finally, the exercise bike needs to be placed on a dry, ventilated, level surface. If you do not use it for a long time, you must use a cover to cover it to keep the body clean and tidy.

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