How to deal with a sore butt after riding an exercise bike

How to deal with a sore butt after riding an exercise bike

Exercise bikes are a popular sport for not only exercising but also losing weight. But many people report that their butt hurts after the ride. But the exercise bike is obviously a leg exercise-based project, why does the butt hurt?


1. poor blood circulation

When riding an exercise bike, there are three main points of contact between our body and the bicycle, namely the buttocks, feet, and hands. When riding in a seated position, most of the weight of the body is actually carried by the hips. The buttocks are compressed by their own gravity. Riding for a long time can easily lead to poor blood circulation, resulting in hip pain.


2. Excessive exercise intensity

If you don't usually exercise much and suddenly take a cycling class, you will have more or less muscle soreness. Moreover, in the exercise of the exercise bike, the butt is also the point of stress, so it is normal to have soreness. If you ride at a higher intensity, you are more likely to cause hip pain.


3. Seat height is not suitable

When riding an exercise bike, if the seat adjustment is not good, the height is not suitable for you. Whether it's too high or too low, it will put too much pressure on the hips.


4. Improper riding posture

If you are not riding with the correct posture, such as leaning your body, half seated, etc. It puts pressure on the hips. Your hips will be sore after riding.


What should I do if my butt hurts while riding an exercise bike?

1. Course selection should be professional

When choosing an exercise bike course, we should try to choose a professional, rather than looking at which trainer is more popular. The movements are varied and change very frequently, which is more likely to cause hip friction. Professional coaches will give more consideration to the students in the course arrangement, and the pursuit is scientific, healthy and reasonable.


2. Choose a cushion with good resilience

When riding an exercise bike, the pressure on the buttocks is relatively large. If the material of the seat cushion is too poor, it is easy to cause pain after riding for a long time. So don't be too stingy when choosing an exercise bike, a good seat cushion will allow you to enjoy the exercise.


3. Ride in cycling shorts

You can also wear professional cycling pants. Cycling pants generally have cushioning sponges on the buttocks and crotch, which can play a certain buffering role.


4. Control your riding time

Riding for too long is a common cause of butt pain, and exercising too much can cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. Therefore, it is recommended that the riding time should not be too long, especially for those who are new to the exercise bike, and the riding time should not exceed 45 minutes.


5. Ride alternately between standing and sitting positions

Exercise bikes generally come in two riding positions, standing and seated. The hips carry most of the weight when riding in a seated position, while the weight is distributed to the legs when riding in a standing position. Therefore, we can alternate between standing and sitting positions to relieve the pressure on the hips and keep the blood circulation of the hips unblocked.


6. The seat height should be appropriate

How to adjust the seat height? Start by standing on the side of the bike and adjust the seat height to hip level. Then get on the car and hold the handlebars, step on the pedals with your heels, and step on the bottom leg just enough to straighten, which is the best height.

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