Exercise Bike Resistance Adjustment that beginners should know

Exercise Bike Resistance Adjustment that beginners should know

Compared with ordinary bicycles, the biggest difference between exercise bikes is that there is a resistance adjustment. By adjusting the resistance, you can experience various scenarios such as uphill and downhill. But most people don't adjust resistance, and they don't know enough about the resistance of exercise bikes.


How to adjust the resistance of the exercise bike?

Generally, there is a resistance adjustment lever under the handlebar of the exercise bike. We adjust the resistance through it. Down is decreased, up is increased. It should be noted that some beginners will set the resistance to zero, which is "zero resistance". "Zero resistance" doesn't do the exercise bike any favors, and it hurts your knees. Therefore, beginners can start with small resistance first, and never start with "zero resistance".


How to use resistance correctly?

I found that many people have two habits for adjusting resistance: one is to use only the same resistance from beginning to end; the other is to blindly reduce the resistance later. Obviously, neither of these is desirable. We need to avoid them in our practice. Always use the same resistance after getting on the car, which is particularly easy to affect the effect of the exercise. We know that there are standing and sitting positions in the exercise bike process. Under the same resistance, it is very likely that you will not be able to stand up or ride. And blindly reducing the resistance, it is prone to dangerous events such as flying under your feet. Because the exercise bike has inertia, when you blindly adjust the resistance to a small value, the resistance on the pedals cannot bear the weight of your body, and then slippage occurs.

The adjustment of resistance should be a cyclic and gradual process. We should start with a small resistance at the beginning, and then slowly adjust your resistance according to the rhythm of the music and the change of the scene. In the gym, it can be adjusted according to the coach's slogan, but there is a disadvantage that everyone's physical strength and physical condition are different. A unified slogan will make you disgusted if you can't keep up with the rhythm. But when we practice at home, we can get used to the rhythm after trying a few more times, and we can also control the adjustment of the resistance by ourselves.

Different resistances bring different exercise effects. We need to control the intensity within the heart rate range of aerobic exercise in order to achieve the desired fitness effect.


Low resistance helps exercise your heart and lungs

If you want to effectively improve cardiopulmonary function, it is best to choose a mode with less resistance and faster speed, so that our heart rate can reach more than 85% of the maximum heart rate.


Moderate resistance can reduce fat and lose weight

If the main purpose is to lose weight, we can adjust the exercise bike to medium resistance. If the cyclist's heart rate does not exceed 65% of the maximum heart rate and continues to ride for about 30 minutes, more fat can be burned to provide the cyclist with energy. At the same time, pay attention to deepening your breathing when riding, which is not only effective for weight loss but also improves cardiopulmonary function.


Alternating high and low resistance helps build leg muscles

The exercise bike has a variety of riding modes, such as climbing, flat road, etc. The strength and stamina of your legs can be improved by alternating cycling modes. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of thigh bone diseases, fully exercise people's heart function, and increase the freshness of sports and the fun of riding. It is especially suitable for people who have just started exercising with an exercise bike and who have poor leg strength.

You can also alternately cycle these several ways to exercise, and the effect will be better. It can not only improve the strength and endurance of the legs but also effectively prevent the occurrence of thigh bone diseases. Effective exercise can not only strengthen heart function but also increase the freshness and fun of exercise.

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