Can you lose belly fat on an exercise bike?

Can you lose belly fat on an exercise bike?

The exercise bike is a top-rated family fitness equipment because the bike itself is simple to operate, and the types of courses are rich, which brings every rider a good sports experience.

The weight loss effect of exercise bike is its most proud advantage, so what can you lose by riding an exercise bike?

Where can the exercise bike lose weight?

First of all, we need to clarify that there is no local fat loss in sports; exercise bikes are no exception.

However, this does not affect the efficient fat-burning efficiency of dynamic cycling. According to significant data calculation, a 45-minute cycling course can usually consume 400 ~ 500 calories, and 80% of muscles and joints will participate in sports simultaneously.

Seeing this, some of us may wonder, since we can't reduce local fat, why do we need to talk about where the exercise bike can lose weight?

This is because some parts of the exercise effect are strong, although it can not reduce local fat, but can be local shape!

1. Exercise bike can effectively reduce fat on the legs

In cycling, the leg is the center of the movement, so in cycling, the legs are the most exercise parts. Because of the need for feet to constantly do stampede action, long-term down can tighten the leg muscles, play a thin leg shaping effect.

2. Exercise bike can reduce abdominal fat

Although we can't see the power of the waist and abdomen in the process of riding, the body needs to use the control of the waist and abdomen to maintain the balance of the trunk due to the great movement of legs, to exercise the core muscles including waist and abdomen.

And the trampling action will also involve the abdominal muscles, especially when standing riding, the stimulation to the abdominal muscles will be more intense.

And some of us who have taken cycling courses know that during riding, the coach will ask us to tighten our abdomen and use abdominal breathing, which also has a good effect on our stomach. Coupled with the super fat burning effect of the exercise bike itself, abdominal fat will fall very quickly.

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3. Exercise bike can help lift buttocks

Riding an exercise bike can also lift the buttocks and help reduce excess fat in the buttocks.

In cycling, the seat and buttock are the main support points, and the buttock muscles can fully participate in the movement to reduce fat and shape the buttock and improve the buttock.

The shaping effect of Yosuda exercise bike on legs, abdomen and buttocks is noticeable. Still, at the same time, the exercise bike is a consuming sport, so I can say without exaggeration that exercise bike can thin the whole body.

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