Black Friday Exercise Bike Workout Method

Black Friday Exercise Bike Workout Method

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If you want to join this black Friday's snap-up war with a very good state, don't forget to activate your body. The exercise bike is very popular in most indoor fitness equipment, and the exercise bike is fitness equipment that can play a whole-body exercise. It is easy and convenient, whether it is a child or an old man, so it is general-purpose fitness equipment that meets the family. The following is the correct exercise method for the motion bicycle, which makes you better prepare for Black Friday.


1. Hot-up

Before performing a exercise bike project, in addition to the exercise of slight intensity, there will be targeted warm-up programs in the formal class. We should pay more attention to the relatively easily injured knee, easy to fatigue, thighs, and waist


2. Leg Stretch

Because the thigh is the center of exercise bike movement, pay special attention to it. The legs are as separated as possible, the left knee is bent, the upper body is squat, transfer the body to the left, the right leg is completely stretched, pay attention to the inside, feel the muscles in the thigh, then stick to 5 seconds, change the leg. It is possible to do your leg stretch using an instrument. Holding the car, the left leg lifts on the bike beam, the right leg is stretched back, the upper body is slightly touched, the ligament of the legs and muscles, and then changes the leg.


3. Side waist stretch

When the simulation of the bike through the emergency corner, the upper body should be shaken left and right, and the center of gravity is checked by the waist so that the center of gravity should not be shifted. You can do a simple action. Keep your body straight. The lower body remains different, and the upper body is 90 degrees to twist. You can also do the side waist stretching, the legs are separated from the shoulders, raising the arm to extend to the head, ensuring that the body is committed to the right side on the same horizontal plane. Each side is made of 5 times.


4. Pressure

Given that the whole body is slightly poured forward during riding, the pressure of the shoulder joint is very large, and it is necessary to stretch the shoulder joint. Hold the car and hold the car, separate the legs, the upper body forward, want to make the body in the direction of the ground.


5. Cycling

Just adjust the sitting position, step on the rhythm. Depending on the shape of the car, it is divided into four, step-by-step exercises abdominal muscles, back widespread muscles, and arms.


6. Upper

Rotate the weight controls button to increase the strength of the legs. In the beginning, the half-length was poured, and then the entire body left the seat to let the wheels rotate. This weight control is very critical, don't let the ankle exercise with your legs, but to master the initiative, fully grasp the speed of the metal wheel. Put your strength on your thigh, and you can feel that your hips and back muscles are very tight at this time, very tight. The legs are almost straight, alleviating the burden of the knee, the center of gravity exercise is the muscles of the thigh and calf.


7. Downhill

The feeling of manufacturing downhill can be tuned to the weight of the weight control, and the legs are no burden. Easy to step on the foot. Your hands leave the car, the upper body is straight, the hands open, like the intensity of the movement like the wind, the strength is minimized.

ht sides, basically offsetting the center of gravity and controlling the amplitude of the upper body with the wrist force.


8. Curve

The upper body must cooperate with the leg exercise to achieve the overall damping effect. When the simulation is rapid, the hands are holding the car, and the upper body explores it to the left and rig


9. Exercise Bike Weight Loss posture

The legs are shocked, shake their head, nodded. These are probably the most common cycling posture. However, it is necessary to remind the bike fit, the wrong cycle does not only affect the exercise effect, but it is easy to cause damage to the body. The correct posture should be: The body is slightly poured forward, the body is straight, the abdomen is tightened, using the abdominal breathing method, the legs and the beams of the car are parallel or slightly buckled, knee, hip joints, should not be coordinated, the body is not Swing left and right, pay attention to grasp the rhythm of riding. In addition, the pedaling posture is also essential. "The average person believes that the so-called pedaling is stepped on, and the pedal will drive the flywheel to move forward, but the correct pedaling should be divided into step, pull, mention, push four coherent movements." Professional coach: "The feet stepped down, and the calf was retracted back and then tied to the back, and finally pushed forward, so it was just a week of 360 degrees. So there is a rhythm, not only the speed."

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