Beginners should master the correct sitting posture of the exercise bike

Beginners should master the correct sitting posture of the exercise bike

As one of the most popular sports in the gym, the exercise bike has attracted a large number of fitness enthusiasts. Sweaty to the sound of the music is what they seek. But for some beginners, even some people who blindly join the exercise bike, they don't know enough about the exercise bike. Don't even know the correct riding position. Mastering the correct riding posture of the exercise bike can greatly improve our fitness effect.


1. Sitting flat riding action

Sitting flat riding is the most basic riding position on an exercise bike. The main point of this riding position is to keep the waist straight and then sit firmly. Don't sit and rock on it. This will not only fail to achieve the effect of riding, but also prone to the danger of flashing waist.

Look straight ahead, hold the handle lightly with both hands, not too tight. Such a riding position is usually a warm-up exercise before we start riding the exercise bike. The set resistance should be matched with low resistance, allowing the body and legs to gradually adapt to this intensity. This riding position can also be used as a buffer ladder after cycling training, just like a trot after an athlete runs to the finish line. This is to achieve the purpose of mitigation.

2. Seated climbing action

The main point of this action is to lower the upper body on the basis of seated flat riding, bend the arms outward, and then exert force on the footsteps to maintain a balanced state of the body. The main part of this exercise is the gluteus maximus muscle group, and the gluteus maximus muscle group will participate in the training process.

The longer we train, the more developed our gluteus maximus muscles will be. In the process of exercising, it is necessary to extend the time more so that the training effect can be reflected. The seated climbing action is based on the flat riding. The resistance of this seated position is generally medium level, and this riding position is used after the seated level riding.

3. Standing flat riding action

From the name of this riding position, we can know that it is the person's buttocks leaving the seat, using the legs to exert force, and the arms to stabilize the arms to maintain the balance of the body. Standing flat riding action is a bit like running action, but this is running on the bicycle with resistance in place.

In the long run, and ignoring the exercise bike, this is a real running move. This kind of standing and flat riding action has a lot of resistance, and the intensity of the first weight loss is also very large. Standing flat riding trains the quadriceps muscles of the thighs, which is an upgraded riding posture after the flat riding climbing action.

4. Standing climbing action

This is a more powerful riding posture, and it is also an extreme riding posture. It is the riding posture action to be performed after the flat climbing action. Move the center of gravity forward, lean the upper body forward, and exert force on the legs to release the resistance on the legs by swinging the body. Hold the handlebar tightly with both hands and keep it steady, otherwise it is easy to shift the center of gravity in the case of large resistance, causing unnecessary damage. This riding position should be chosen within the scope of your own abilities.

5. HIIT training

HIIT training, also known as high-intensity interval training, is a popular form of training. This training method is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. When you are riding the initial seated flat and seated climbing parts of the exercise bike,

It's actually doing aerobic exercise. However, when you are doing anaerobic exercise in the standing position level riding and standing position climbing with high resistance and high strength, spinning training is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The so-called HIIT refers to this kind of spinning training.

Exercise bikes are fast-paced, high-intensity, and can change various riding postures that young people like, so they are very popular. It can be said that only one exercise bike training can mobilize 80% of the muscle groups in our body. It is also in line with the young people's personality of not admitting defeat, and having to go straight ahead when there is resistance. Therefore, if you fall in love with sports, you will definitely fall in love with exercise bikes.

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