5 Rowing Workouts That Will Incinerate Fat

5 Rowing Workouts That Will Incinerate Fat

Harnessing the power of 86% of your body with each stroke, rowing has earned its spot as a must-have in any gym routine. Starting at the legs and transferring energy to your core and back, this high intensity cardio motion sends shockwaves throughout every muscle group it touches - delivering an unparalleled workout experience.

Benefits of Rowing Machine Workouts

Incorporating rowing into your workout regimen can provide a low-impact option for those looking to shake up their routine without the risks of high-impact activities. Studies have demonstrated that its benefits are especially useful in aiding individuals with arthritis, allowing them to gain muscular strength and endurance while alleviating pain associated with the condition. With minimal shock delivered to joints, rowing enables people dealing with orthopedic problems or nagging pains an effective way of exercising without exacerbationg their troubles even further.

Rowing is the perfect accompaniment to any workout - its intensity and efficiency are ideal for those with limited time. Easily mix rowing in with other implements, like kettle bell swings or movements of your choice, and you'll have a comprehensive full-body routine that only takes 10-15 minutes! If you need some inspiration on how to get started look at our recommended workouts below.

Renegade & Row EMOM

Ready to push your back and core to the max? Conquer this intensive workout finisher by blending rowing with renegade rows. Get ready for an adrenaline rush - every minute, you'll complete three renegade rows before hopping onto the rower and burning 8 calories as quickly as possible in order to beat each consecutive calorie goal that increases until five rounds are completed! Increase or decrease difficulty based on your individual needs--start strong then kick it up a notch when seconds count.


  • Start by grabbing two light to medium sized dumbbells.
  • Set up in a high plank position to begin.
  • Perform three renegade rows.
  • Row once each arm, and complete with a pushup. This is one rep.
  • Hop on the rower, and make sure your screen is set to zero.
  • Row until you’ve hit 8 calories.
  • Rest until the next minute begins.
  • Redo all the above, adding a calorie every time.
  • Complete five rounds.

The 1000-Meter Mixup

Push yourself to the limit with a potent 1,000-meter row. This physically and mentally tough exercise is just the beginning; when you finish up on your rowing machine add some hollow rocks for an extra kick of intensity. Not only will this urge you to complete faster, these two moves complement each other - while helping push boundaries further than before! Rowing develops hip extension strength whilst carrying out hollow rocks requires precision control in order move forward optimally with maximum power output.. Take advantage of both exercises together and reap all the benefits that come from such combined activity.


  • Set your rower for 1,000 meters and begin rowing.
  • At the start of every minute (so when the rower hits 1 minute, then 2 minutes, then 3 minutes, and so on), get off the rower and do a hollow rock ladder.
  • The first time you get off the rower, do 5 hollow rocks.
  • The second time you get off, do 6; keep adding one hollow rock on every time you get off the rower.
  • Aim to finish in 5 to 7 minutes.

The Row and Burpee Challenge

Rowing requires stamina and precision. Push your limits with this workout - if you miss a beat on the row, be prepared to face an unforgettable penalty: burpees! Feel powerful as each stroke propels you towards peak performance.


  • You'll do 5 500-meter rows. Your target goal: Finish each row in 1:40.
  • Rest 5 minutes between each round.
  • If you finish under 1:40, enjoy the rest. If you finish over 1:40, count how many seconds you're over. You'll do that many burpees.

Bobby Maximus' Row to Hell

Get ready to take your rowing workout up a notch with some partner-assisted intensity! Veteran trainer Bobby Maximus has designed an explosive interval program for pairs that keeps the rest periods as long as each round of work. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself—you can go harder than you think if someone is counting on you. Descending ladders are hard, but they're worth it—and don't forget: two heads (and arms) beat one in this battle against fatigue.


  • Start by rowing 500 meters. Then get off the rower quickly and have your partner row 500 meters.
  • Immediately get back on the rower and go 400 meters, then have your partner row 400 meters.
  • Follow that by each rowing a 300, then a 200, then a 100, in the same rhythm.

The Calorie Count-Up

This workout begins with a gentle introduction, but culminates in an invigorating finale. To ensure peak performance, it's been strategically designed to incorporate the perfect warmup sequence.


  • Set a rower to count 1-minute intervals. Your goal is to reach the required amount of calories before each minute is up.
  • The first minute, you'll row for 5 calories, then rest until the next minute begins. The next minute, row for 6 calories, then rest until the next minute begins. Continue working up the ladder.
  • Aim to complete as many rounds as possible. The workout ends when you can no longer complete the required amount of calories in the minute.
  • Try to make it through at least 15 minutes of work.
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