You Can Still Keep Fit Even When You're Super Busy!

You Can Still Keep Fit Even When You're Super Busy!

With the development of our community, people are getting more and more busy. As a result, less and less people get enough time and energy to exercise to keep fit. According to the report from WHO, the number of people getting obese is continuously increasing. Therefore, Yosuda keeps trying to develop equipment that allows people to exercise while working or doing other things. Since the under-desk cycling bikes were announced, we’ve been receiving loads of reviews from our customers who bought the bikes on various platforms. Here are some of them:


  1. More and more people are too busy to do exercise nowadays. Maybe some can do their own things while exercising, but most others cannot focus themselves while doing exercise. But this bike pedal exerciser can help you do exercise while you’re busy at office work. It works quietly and smoothly, which allows you to riding even you are in your office or when someone in your home is asleep.

“The Yosuda bike pedal exerciser arrived in excellent condition, was packaged nicely, was easy to assemble, and has operated quietly and smoothly thus far. We really like the integrated handle, which makes it easy to move from one location to another or to set it aside when not in use. We are glad that we purchased this unit rather than a stationary bike, as it has similar functioning for our purposes, does not require a large space in the house, and can be used wherever you are sitting.”


  1. This pedal exerciser is very space-saving that you can place it under any of your desk or bed, even at a corner without bothering you. More and more, the handle on its top allows you to move it anywhere you want easily. Finally, the assembling is super easy that even the elder can put it together themselves.

“With all the tools included, assembling was a breeze. Resistance is adjustable as advertised. It's a convenient workout while I am working on the computer or watching movies at home. It runs smoothly and quietly. It's small enough that I can just keep it under my desk and not feeling bothered. It comes with a handle on the top so it's easy to lift and carry around.”


  1. With its LED monitor recorder, your exercise every time will be recorded, like time, calorie, speed, distance and so on. With these data, you can make your own exercise plan to keep fit in a scientific way.

“It is a heavy-duty exerciser, it was arrived without any damages, it took about 10 minutes to get it assembled. And I’m happy that it works well without plugging into power outlet, and it can be adjusted to different difficulty levels, I normally choose the level 5. Also it has a LED screen that shows the calories and time.

Overall it works well for me, and it is quite important to do some exercises when working at home.”


Unavoidably, we also receive some reviews saying that when the knees will hit the desk sometimes, on which our technical supports are working hard to resolve. Anyway, the under-desk pedal exerciser is designed for those who have little time or energy to exercise due to the loads of work or anything else. Actually, it’s not only an exercise equipment for keeping fit, but also the equipment for leisure.

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