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The bike is ok for person 5.1 tall?

by Yosuda Bike on April 15, 2021

Yes, Take a look at our happy customers said:

It is adjustable and at 5'4" it's great. But I suspect that may be a personal preference. -Linda

Yes, I am 5'2 and I am able to hop on and off ok. Just adjust the seat to the lowest position. Hope this helps. 

I’m 5’4” and there are multiple adjustments on the seat height and forward as well as handlebars which is one reason I got this one. --Anne Melito

My daughter is 5.3 and she can ride. The seat is not in the lowest position. So it shouldn’t be an issue

Yes, I would think so... the height and seat is adjustable...Flounder
Yes, I am 5’2” and it’s very well adjusted to my height 👍--Flounder